homecoming theme
Nostos-homecoming, Odysseus’s journey home after trojan war
Temptation theme
sirens seduce, singers sing about best moment in life, own weakness makes vulnerable/greatest weakness come from inside
disguise theme
gods disguise to interact with mortals, athena: shepherd, girl, telemakhos, mentes, Odysseus: nobody, beggar
give beggar in order: bath, food, introduce, story, sleep, gifts
Ithaca, Scheria, Pylos, Sparta, the underworld,
20, son of penelope and odysseus, childish, needs to become a man, athena helped with information about father/ motivated him, stands up to suitors-compared to a god, starts a voyage, sails home from sparta, goes to eumaus’s hut and greeting with father and son, plan to kill all suitors, beaten up to show transition to manhood
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wife of odysseus, mother of telemakhos, has suitors at her house, has to pick a husband
main character, leaves Kalypso, builds raft, shipwrecked by poseidon, calls himself nobody to polyphemis, stays in Scheria for many days and played a pentathalon, disguises as a beggar from create, goes home as beggar, ridiculed by suitors in own home, stops fight and wins,
108, wish to marry penelope, take advatage of odysseus’s home, feast and drink
goddess of wisdom, helpful to telemakhos and odysseus, fights for them, disguises herself, found telemakhos crew and ship, disguises as mentes
nestor’s son, journeys with telemakhos
Menelaus/ Helen
King and queen of sparta, gives info to telemakhos about odysseus
father of gods and men, holds meetings, makes kalypso give up odysseus
nymph, holds odysseus captive for 7 years, in love with him, and Zeus commands to let him go, and she object and fights for why it is not fair, gives him up
princess of phaikians, daughter of Alcinous and Arete, gives odysseus clothes, leads him to palace-encourages hospitality from parents,
god of the sea, upset at odysseues for blinding son, vowed to get revenge
son of poseidon, blinded by odysseus, cyclops-one eyed giant, shepherd
sings song about trojan war, love affair between ares and aphrodite, and odysseus’s life odysseus requests him to sing about trojaan war, and o cries
king of phaiakians, hospitable to odysseus, has odysseus compete in pentathalon, offers daughter’s hand in marriage, stops demodokas from singing because makes o cry, deliver o back to ithaca
abnocsious suitor, voice of suitors, talked back to telemakhos, rude comments about odysseus, arranged the ambush on telemakhos’s ship, ridicules odysseus pretending to be a beggar
How does Homer portray the relationship between gods and men in the Odyssey? What roles do the gods play in human life? How does this portrayal differ from that found in the Iliad?
In the Odyssey, the gods function more as spiritual guides and supporters for their human subjects, sometimes assuming mortal disguises in order to do so. The actions of the gods sometimes remain otherworldly, as when Poseidon decides to wreck the ship of the Phaeacians, but generally they grant direct aid to particular individuals
In what ways does Odysseus develop as a character during the course of the narrative? Does he develop at all
odysseus stays the same, but learns from his mistakes and becomes stronger and wiser
In what ways does Telemakhos develop as a character during the course of the narrative? Does he develop at all
he grows form adolescence to manhood throughout journeys, and information, and courage
xenia– greek steps and concept encompassing the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home
welcome in, clean up, eat, exchange stories.
code of hospitality allows people to go on journeys because they will survive and be cared for. brings friendship and good will to people, gives harsh punishments for people who don’t respect the code, if follow, reward
What is the role of family in the Odyssey? What values characterize the relationship between fathers and sons?
honor and respect. telemakhos honor his father, poseidon honor his son– comparison
role of women– essay topic
sacrifice. especially for men. support men, athena, penelope, and calypso
athena to telemakhos
athena is catylist in telemakhos’ journey
blind seered gives odysseus advice about land of the dead