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Odyssey and Goddess Calypso Circe

Maddy Evans 5 Paragraph Essay Brain-storming Part I: Separation 1.)Call to Adventure ·Odysseus must go to Troy to fight in the Trojan War 2.)Refusal of the Call ·At first he refuses and states that he IS NOT going to war.

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3. )Answering the Call ·Athena tells Odysseus that he should go fight. So he finally decided he was going to. ·He packed up weapons/food and put together a crew and set sail for Troy. 4. )Supernatural Aid/Guide ·Athena, throughout, The Odyssey , aids him in his every need. . )Companions ·Athena (Godley aid) ·Penelope (Odys’ wife) ·Telemachus (Odys’ son) 6. )Crossing the Threshold ·When Ody Leaves for the Trojan War. 7. )Threshold Guardians Poseidon`s Monster Polyphemus 8. )Entering the belly of the whale Odysseus is the sole survivor of a shipwreck and ends in Calypso’s island. Part II: Initiation 1. )Road of Trials 1. Cicones (six men lost from each ship 2. Lotus-eaters (must by force drag the intoxicated men back to boats) 3.

Cyclops (loses 6 men – puts out Polyphemus’s eye – taunts the blinded Cyclops) 4. Aeolus (gives sack of winds to Odysseus) Aeolus 2 (pronounces curse on Odysseus after winds let out) 5. Laestrygonians (loses all ships but his own) 6. Circe (men turned to pigs – moly helps him escape her curse – one year in Circe’s home) 7. House [Kingdom] of the Dead (sees Tiresias and Achilles his mother [Anticleia], Agamemnon, et al. ) A. Circe 2 8. Sirens (Odysseus listens! ) 9. Scylla and Charybdis (loses six men to Scylla) 10.

Cattle of the Sun (loses the rest of his men) 11. Calypso’s Isle 2. )Meeting with the Goddess Calypso Circe 3. )Abduction/Night Sea Journey being Captured by Calypso The trip to Hades 4. )Dragon Battle Representing the many hurdles Ody must overcome on his journey home. 5. )Companions In order for Ody to be transformed, he must give up his old life. 6. ) Atonement to/Recognition of the father The end of Odys journey and is the stepping stone that helps him take his rightful place as leader in the society. 7. )Ultimate Boom

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