October Sky KS

Cape Coalwood
The Rocket Boys launch site.
The Mine/Machine shop.
Homer Hickam Sr’s favorite place / where the rockets are built.
Dr. Von Braun’s home country.
East Germany
Cape canaveral
NASA and Dr. Von braun’s launch site
The Dugout
The high school hang out
Big creek high school
Where the Rocket Boys go to school
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Myrtle beach
Elsie’s dream getaway
The mining town where the story took place
Homer Hickam Jr.
Sonny, the lead of the BCMA
Homer Hickam Sr.
Sonny’s dad who loves the mine
Elsie Hickam
Sonny’s mom who was his encouragement
Jim Hickam
Sonny’s good looking brother
Werhner Von Braun
The rocket scientist that inspired sonny
Miss Riley
Sonny’s favorite chemistry teacher
Jake Mosby
Sonny’s friend who is a junior engineer/ ladies man
Dorothy plunk
Sonny’s high school crush
The little know it all friend of sonny’s
Mr. Bykovski
The deceased machinist that helped sonny
The idea Sonny’s mom puts in him
Your not like your father
3 conflicts Sonny and Jim have
Sonny in band, the 1st rocket, and football
Homer and Elsie fight about…
The mine
Sonny’s mom wants him to build a rocket.
Because she wants him out of Coalwood
Homer creates problems for the football teams
He sues the football commission and loses
Quentin agrees to help Sonny
He wants to build rockets and get to the Cape
Isaac Bykovski thinks that Sonny should tell his dad
He thinks Homer will be proud
Homer takes action after Auk IV lands in Coalwood
Tells Sonny to stop building rockets and moves Mr. Bykovski to the face
Homer gives Sonny Cape Coalwood
The reverend’s sermon made him change his mind
The BCMA needs to solve this problem after Auk V
The powder is too wet
Sonny feels like this after going into the mine
Regret because his dad thinks he wants to work in the mine
Sonny got this for Christmas
A letter and autographed picture of Wernher Von Braun
Ms Riley comes to the BCMA’s defense when…
The state troopers think they started a forest fire
Sonny can’t take calculus
Dorthy got into the class instead of him
Sonny enters the science fair
To show up his dad
Results of the mine tragedy
Homer was injured and Mr. Bykovski died
Quentin’s definition of a good rocket
One that does precisely what it’s supposed to do
The BCMA’s financial solution
They dug up cast iron pipes and sold them for scrap iron
Sonny meets ______in Welch during his suit shopping trip
John F Kennedy
Homer helps Sonny at the National Science fair
He gave into the union so they could build more rockets
Homer’s reaction to lighting the fuse for the final rocket
Happiness and pain that turn into fear.
Homer’s dreams for Sonny
He wants him to become a mining engineer
The flightless bird
Miss Riley’s role in the BCMA
She encouraged them and gave them the rocket book and ideas for fuel
Elsie’s dreams for Sonny
For him to get out of Coalwood and go to college
The items stolen from the National Science Fair
All of Sonny’s nozzles,casements, and nose cones
What occurred between Dr. Wernher Von Braun
He saw Sonny’s nozzles but they never met
The members of the BCMA
Sonny, Quentin, O’Dell, Sherman, Roy Lee, Billy
Does Homer ever see a rocket launch
Does Sonny ever officially meet Dr. Wernher Von Braun
“All I’ve done is give you a book. You have to have the courage to learn what’s in it.”
Miss Riley
“Just don’t blow yourselves up!”
Elsie Hickam
“Little man, when you grow up, you’re going to find out there’s a lot of things you’re going to do whether you like it or not.”
Homer Hickam Sr.
“I had discovered that learning something, no matter how complex, wasn’t hard if I had a reason to want to know it.”
The men who helped Sonny build his rockets
Mr. Bykovski/ Mr. Caton
Coalwood is in what state
West Virginia
Sonny’s real name
Homer Hickam jr
Jim and this person went to the dugout and broke Sonny’s heart
Jim and Dorothy plunk
Coal miner’s Union leader
Mr. Dubonnet
Sonny’s mom paints on the dining room wall
A mural of the beach at myrtle beach
State troopers think the rocket boys did this
Start a forest fire on Davy mountain
The driver of a corvette
Jake Mosby
Sonny’s dream work place
Cape Canveral
A Russian satellite
The meaning of Auk
It’s a extinct flightless bird. It stand for “even if our rockets don’t fly we are still adding to out body of knowledge”
Final member of the BCMA
Who stood up for Sonny when Mr. Fuller tried to shut down the BCMA
Homer Hickam sr