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Occupational Health and Safety in New Zealand

Hand in your reading list/bibliography to class in Week 5 (Gag 19) Hand in Full Assignment Week 5 (Thursday 21 at pm in assignments box) Value: 40% of final mark Format: Essay style format, typed or word processed, well presented with high standard of grammar & punctuation. Please attach BOTH coversheet and marking schedule to the front of your essay.

Length: 2,000 words maximum + bibliography (you are allowed a maximum of under or over this figure – this will be strictly adhered to) N.

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B. the word count for each assignment must be entered on the cover sheet Topic: ‘Although well-defined differences exist among the fields of advertising, marketing, and public relations, there is an Increasing realization that an organization’s goals and objectives can be best accomplished through an Integrated approach, not Just through marketing but through all communication functions. (Wilcox et al. 201 3) This integrated approach is often called Integrated Marketing Communications (MIMIC). Describe why this integrated approach is gaining momentum, highlighting the various communication functions, and those areas in which an overlap or integration can realize significantly better results both tactically and strategically for both brands and organizations.