An ethically healthy climate ________.
exists where employees confront a minimal degree of ambiguity regarding what constitutes right and wrong behaviors
Situations where an individual is required to define right and wrong conduct are termed ________.
Ethical dilemas
Today’s managers and employees must learn to cope with temporariness, flexibility, spontaneity, and unpredictability.
________ is an effect of increasing globalization.
Jobs moving to nations with low-cost labor
Which principle do the examples of Domino’s and Amazon highlight?
Organizations must foster innovation and master the art of change
The difference between good and bad management can be the difference between ________ and ________.
Profit and loss
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OB researchers cannot offer reasonably accurate explanations of human behavior since people act very differently in similar situations.
Balancing work and life demands now surpasses job security as an employee priority.
Myriam is analyzing the gender roles of men and women in management in the United States and comparing them to the gender roles in management in Japan. She is surveying fifty male and fifty female managers in each country to compare their daily behavior. Myriam’s study exemplifies how ________ contributes to OB.
Conflict and power have been major topics of concern for social psychologists.
What psychology is to the group, sociology is to the individual.
Which of the following is not an example of people who can work from home or other non-office locations?
assembly line workers
Which of the following is not a topic or concern related to OB?
family behavior
Timothy works with people of various nationalities and faiths. How can he effectively manage people from different cultures?
by adapting his management style to their differences
Which of the following is not a core topic of organizational behavior?
Resource allocation
Janet needs to assign a very important advertising account to one of her writers. First she reviewed each writer’s work load, then she studied the sales data of the products for the last three campaigns of each writer, then she reviewed each writer’s annual review to familiarize herself with their goals. Finally, she gave the account to Paula, a very creative, efficient, writer who has had high sales results with her last three clients’ products. Janet’s management style is based on ________.
systematic study
The common characteristic of service jobs is that they require ________.
substantial interaction with an organization’s customers
Which of the following is the major challenge to managers in a fully networked organization?
managing people who work together but are geographically separated
Determining the ethically correct way to behave is especially difficult in a global economy because different cultures have different perspectives on certain ethical issues.
Organizations need to ensure that hiring and employment policies create equal access and opportunities to individuals, regardless of ________.
The blurring of the line between work and non-work time has created ________.
Personal conflicts
Which of the following is not a service job?
Production line worker
There’s an increasing blurring between the work and nonwork time.
________ is a measure of how organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity.
Workforce diversity
In ________ cultures, similarity to supervisors is more important for predicting career advancement.
________ is the ability to exert muscular force repeatedly or continuously over time.
Dynamic strength
Hector is a chief consultant and has to choose between suggestions offered by members of his team. Which of the following dimensions of intellectual ability does this skill accurately refer to?
Deductive reasoning
Which one of the following is not a classification of an individual’s racial category according to the United States Bureau of Census?
Caucasian or Other Pacific Islander Asian
________ is the ability to expend a maximum of energy in one or a series of acts.
Explosive strength
Which of the following issues was consistently the most significant concern of HR managers in a survey by the Society for Human Resources Management?
the aging of the workforce
The Tent Prine Inc. wishes to enhance its workforce diversity by targeting recruiting messages to specific demographic groups underrepresented in the workforce. If it wants to maximize its results, which of the following options should it not resort to?
rely on word of mouth marketing from its employees and resort to an e-mail campaign
To ________ is to note a difference between things, which in itself isn’t necessarily bad.
Extent flexibility and dynamic flexibility are dimensions of intellectual abilities.
United States legislation, for all intents and purposes, outlaws mandatory retirement. Consequently, United States workers today no longer have to retire at age ________.
Age, gender, race, disability, and length of service are surface-level characteristics.
The research relating tenure to absence is quite straightforward. Studies consistently show seniority to be positively related to absenteeism.
In ________ cultures, similarity to peers is more important for predicting career advancement.
Overall abilities are essentially made up of two sets of factors: intellectual and psychological.
Ashanti, an African-American employee, finds a noose hanging over her desk. She also finds racist statements scribbled across her desk. Which of the following terms accurately explains the type of discrimination she has been subjected to?
________ is the ability to make rapid, repeated flexing movements.
Dynamic flexibility
Demographics mostly reflect surface-level diversity and not deep-level diversity.
Sam and Clarke are two employees in an organization who recently started working together. Sam is an older, long-tenured woman raised in rural Kansas, who achieved her current level in the organization by starting as a high school graduate and working her way up the hierarchy. Clarke is a young, recently hired male college graduate with a business degree, raised in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood in Miami. However, both are deeply committed to their families, share a common way of thinking about important work problems, like to work collaboratively, and are interested in international assignments in the future. Which of the following describes the diversity between these two?
surface-level diversity
Which of the following statements does not represent findings from studies between age and productivity?
Over-50 employees bonded well and encouraged each other to be more productive.
Effective diversity management means working to eliminate diversity from organizational culture.
With the changing nature of work suggesting the increasing importance of intellectual abilities for many jobs, the value of physical abilities is reducing.
Evidence from a study of nearly 500,000 professional employees indicates significant differences, with women more likely to turn over than men. Women also have higher rates of absenteeism than men. Which of the following statements is the correct explanation for this phenomenon?
The research was conducted in North America, and North American culture has historically placed home and family responsibilities on women.
Edwin is a plant manager and is adept in framing corporate policies for hiring and training. Which of the following dimensions of intellectual ability does his skill reflect?
Verbal comprehension
Which of the following is an example of an affective attitude?
anger at being unfairly accused of a wrongdoing
The cognitive and behavioral components of attitude are inseparable.
Mark believes that his manager is a good person and will work things out if Mark just gives him time to do so. Mark is dealing with his dissatisfaction through ________.
The exit-voice-loyalty-neglect framework aids in understanding the consequences of ________.
A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive attitudes toward the job.
An individual’s involvement with, satisfaction with, and enthusiasm for the work he/she performs is known as ________.
employee engagement
Higher levels of job satisfaction have been reported in the United States and western Europe. This may be because ________.
individuals in western cultures emphasize positive emotions
Attending union meetings as a way of coping with job dissatisfaction would be what type of response?
Which of the following is *not* a moderating variable of the attitude-behavior relationship?
Neglect is an active and destructive response to dissatisfaction.
According to Festinger, people will seek a(n) ________.
stable state with minimal dissonance
Susan has composed a list of concerns along with her suggestions for improving conditions. Susan is dealing with her dissatisfaction through ________.
The performance variables productivity, absenteeism, and turnover are generally considered a part of the ________ behaviors in the exit-voice-loyalty-neglect framework.
exit and neglect
Which of the following is not an example of organizational citizenship behavior?
discouraging a friend from applying for a job at the company
In the context of employee engagement, it is observed that the highly engaged employees feel a deep connection to their company. Disengaged employees ________.
put time but no attention into their work
Summing up responses to a number of job factors achieves a more accurate evaluation of job satisfaction than does a single global rating.
Charles makes $24,000 a year. Ana makes $40,000 a year. Ellis makes $75,000 a year. Adam makes $75,000 a year. Shonali makes $30,000 a year.
Which of the following is not a true statement about the usual correlation between pay and job satisfaction?
Charles is less likely to be satisfied with his job than Shonali.
Maria is dissatisfied with the way that her manager treats her. She has quit her job and found a new position with another firm. She has expressed her dissatisfaction through ________.
Organizational commitment is a more global response to the organization than is job satisfaction.
A study conducted by a management consulting firm found that companies with higher morale ________.
experienced a larger growth in their stock prices
Compared to people who have a negative core self-evaluation, people who have a positive core self-evaluation ________.
are less likely to give up when confronting difficulties
Discrepancies between attitudes and behavior tend to occur when social pressures to behave in certain ways hold exceptional power.
Which of the following statements is not true about attitudes in the workplace?
Changing employee attitudes is necessary if you are to manage dissonance.
One implication from the evidence on EI to date is that employers should consider it a factor in hiring employees, especially in jobs that demand ________.
a high degree of social interaction
Emotions are ________.
critical to rational thinking
On which of the following days do people tend to be in their best moods?
Surface acting deals with ________ emotions.
Positive affect is a mood dimension consisting of ________ at the low end.
People feeling different emotions after being subjected to identical emotion-provoking stimuli is a result of ________.
Evidence confirms there is no real difference between men and women when it comes to emotional reactions.
Moods are intense feelings that are directed at someone or something.
________ is a pure marker of high positive affect.
________ indicates a person’s ability to be self-aware, detect emotions in others, and manage emotional cues and information.
Emotional intelligence
Which of the following mood dimensions is a pure marker of high negative affect?
When nothing in particular is going on, most individuals experience a mildly negative mood.
Boredom is a pure marker of low positive affect.
Francine heads an ad agency and works with copywriters, artists, and designers to come up with effective branding solutions for new products. Why is it particularly important for Francine to keep her team happy?
People are more creative when they are in a good mood.
Some researchers doubt the existence of emotional intelligence (EI). Which of the following is an argument they use against it?
The concept of EI is so broad and variegated as to render it effectively meaningless.
Which of the following statements is true regarding the sources of moods and emotions?
Sleep quality affects mood.
Negative affect is a mood dimension consisting of ________ at the low end.
Displayed emotions are innate.
Which of the following statements is true regarding moods?
Moods are generally not indicated by distinct facial expressions.
Customers shop longer when a positive employee laughs or smiles at them, making them feel happy. This passing of emotions to customers is called ________.
emotional contagion