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NYUAD And Flat6Labs To Kick Off Startup Series 2016 In Abu Dhabi

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New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) and Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi have come together to organize the newest edition of a four-month-long program comprising of panel discussions and group activities aimed at promoting a culture of entrepreneurship among its students as well as the community at large. As part of NYUAD’s entrepreneurship initiative, the Startup Series talks aim to create an “interactive educational experience” with expert speakers sharing technical advice and experiences with existing and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Structured as 90-minute talks, the Startup Series and other startAD community education programs are designed to function as a source of guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and also “engage public and private organizations.” The Startup Series sessions will be held at NYUAD during September to December, and they will cover topics such as team dynamics in business, customer development, crafting a pitch, and managing burn rates, among others. The series will get kicked off on September 20, 2016 with Startup War Stories, a panel discussion on entrepreneurial journeys featuring Magnus Olsson, co-founder, Alborz Toofani, founder, SnappCard and Haitham Al-Khatib, co-founder and CEO, Sakkini, and moderated by Founding Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur Middle East.

Besides the Startup Series, the startAD initiative also includes other concept programs open to all, such as Tech Tuesdays, a tech startup community meetup, Legal Clinic, sessions connecting the startup community with legal professionals, and others. For more information on upcoming events and courses part of Startup Series, visit their

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NYUAD And Flat6Labs To Kick Off Startup Series 2016 In Abu Dhabi

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