NRP 7th Edition

Pre-ductual Spo2 Target 1 min
Pre-ductual Spo2 Target 2 min
Pre-ductual Spo2 Target 3 min
Pre-ductual Spo2 Target 4 min
Pre-ductual Spo2 Target 5 min
Pre-ductual Spo2 Target 10 min
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Abnormal transition for a newborn
decreased muscle tone
low oxygen saturation
low blood pressure
If severe Bradycardia persists despite assisted ventilation and coordinated compressions what drug is administered?
If severe Bradycardia persists despite assisted ventilation then circulation is supported with what?
Chest Compressions
Before birth, the alveoli in the fetal lungs are expanded and filled with what?
Before birth, oxygen is supplied to the fetus by the what?
After birth, air in the alveoli causes vessels in the baby’s lungs to?
What are the 4 pre-birth questions to ask the provider before every delivery?
Gestational age expected
amniotic fluid clear or not
How many babies expected
any risk factors
If 2 risk factors are present how many qualified people should be present solely to manage the baby?
What is the appropriate suction catheter pressure set at?
80 to 100 mm Hg
What is the Flowmeter set to?
10 L/min.
What is the oxygen blender set at for less than 35 wks gestation?
Umbilical cord clamping should be completed with how many seconds of birth?
30 seconds
Wet skin on a new born causes what?
rapid body cooling (heat loss)
What are the 3 main assessments after a newborn is born?
Does the baby appear term
Does the baby have good muscle tone
Is the baby breathing or crying
When using suction to clear secretions what should you suction first?
If a baby does not have adequate spontaneous respirations and a heart rate of 100 bpm or higher within 1 minute of birth what should you begin?
What is the most important and effective action during neonatal resuscitation?
Ventilation of the baby’s lungs
Auscultation on what side of a newborn’s chest is the most accurate determination of heart rate?
Left side of the chest
Calculation for determining heart rate?
6 seconds X 10

(example: 6 seconds/12 beats = 120 bpm)

What two reasons should you start PPV?
Baby is apneic or gasping
heart rate less than 100 bpm
Pre-ductal stat is found where?
Right hand or wrist
Post-ductal is found where?
Left arm or legs