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Nov. 7, 1805

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Nov. 7, 1805

It was mostly cloudy and calm, it was 10 o'clock in the morning, so we set out earlier than normal. Boy did it rain a lot, but it was nothing much to do us any harm, so we started hunting hoping we would get something. We sure did get us something though, on are way back to the cabin we got lucky and killed 3 bucks and 21 fowls. It looks like we're having some chicken tonight. The rain started as it kept raining on us, the men and I were beginning to get cold and tired so we took time to mark our names and the date and month on the old elk tree, to mark our territories.

As we headed back to camp we passed through a village that was built quite differently from what we are used to. The houses were made of what seemed to be grass and mud woven together over beams that were only four to five high. We traded some of our fowls for dried fish, which they stored under their beds. The reeds were also used as clothing to cover their bodies from the wandering eye.

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Nov. 7, 1805

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June 13, 1805

As we set out again we came upon rolling mountains that were extremely high. They towered above us some 250 feet and were blocky and dark. We were not used to this type of terrain as we had been travelling on mainly flat plains lately. But the thing was it was really fascinating for us to see that for the first time.

We all got time to greet the others, but it was getting late. The men and I all gathered up are stuff, and started looking south. I don't know guys it's getting dark and it's kind of chilly are you sure you want to proceed. But we all went anyway we needed to get to our cabin as soon as possible.

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