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Notes on Financial Economics

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Transfer-In Form for Northwestern University Students: Only complete this form if you have determined that you meet the eligibility of a SAVES transfer. Complete Part l, print the form and submit it to your current international student advisor. You must discuss your transfer-out date with your current advisor. Your advisor should complete Part II and give the form back to you. Once you have a completed Transfer form then you may submit your 1-20/ ADS-2010 Request. Advisors: Northwestern University does not accept completed SAVES records. If you are transferring a Terminated SAVES record, please contact our office ROR to setting the transfer. We will not accept Transfer forms without the 1-20/ ADS-2019 Request application. Part l: To Be Filled-out by Student: Type your name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport: Name: (Last Name) (First Name) (Middle Name) Use an e-mail address that will be valid through your arrival at Northwestern: Email: Date you expect to begin at Northwestern: Date of Birth: (mm/id/hay) (mm/id/hay) AMPLE ID (Student ID): Program at NO: Part II: To Be Filled-out by Current International Student Advisor (in pen ink): What is the student's current status in SAVES?

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Notes on Financial Economics

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SAVES transfer-out date: Student's date of initial entry to the U. S. : SAVES ID number: Current level of study: Date of graduation or completion of study: List any periods of Practical or Academic -ratting: OPT AT Institution Name: School SAVES Code: Name of PODS/DOS or OR/ARE completing this form

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