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Notes – Human resource management

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Notes - Human resource management Chapter 7 Notes Human Resource Management DEFINE selection and DISCUSS Its strategic Importance. Reliability and validity and EXPLAIN their importance in selection techniques. DESCRIBE at least four types of testing used in selection and the conflicting legal concerns related to alcohol and drug testing DESCRIBE the major types of selection interviews by degree of structure, type of content, and manner of administration. EXPLAIN the importance of reference checking, strategies to make such checking effective, and ANALYZE the legal issues involved.

Selection The process of choosing Individuals to fill Job openings The strategic Importance of selection Quality of human resources determines organizational performance. Inappropriate selection decisions are costly. Significant legal implications Avoiding Legal problems use selection criteria based on the Job assess applicant's ability to meet expectations scrutinize applicant-provided information obtain authorization for reference checking save all records and Information reject applicants who make false statements The selection process Designing the selection process

Faceable) qualified privilege negligent misrepresentation Step 5: Supervisory Interview and realistic Job preview The supervisor: is best qualified to assess Job knowledge/ skills can answer Job-specific questions must feel comfortable with new hire can assess fit with current team members Realistic Job Preview (RIP) provides applicants with realistic information, both positive and negative, about the job Step 6: Hiring decision and Candidate notification compile information from all techniques used evaluate information about each candidate immediate supervisor usually makes final hiring decision think about the offer notify all finalists who were not selected

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Notes – Human resource management essay

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