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Not Satisfied with School Canteen Food

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TASK 4: You are not most satisfied with the food provided at your school canteen and would like to convince your principal or the school management to change the vendors or the food sold at the canteen. Imagine that you have been granted an interview with the principal. Prepare a speech to express your opinions to the principal. SPEECH: Introduction: Good morning principal. Today, I would like to raise an issue on the food in our school’s canteen. I have been in this school for 6 years and the food was delicious, however, recently, I have noticed some flaws in our school’s food system.

Prices Too High: Firstly, I would like to bring up the issue of the food being too expensive for many children to afford. When I accompany my mother to shopping trips outside, and have noted that the food outside are much cheaper than the food sold in Nan Hua although they were the same. As supermarkets like “Sheng Siong” are big companies and our school is only a small school, it is expected that the prices in the markets should be cheaper than that in our school. However, I find the prices in our school really very outrageous.

For example, once when I was in a supermarket, I saw a particular snack that our school sold. The price was S$0. 80 for 5 packets, however in our school the price was S$0. 40 for each packet. Another example is the cheese sausage sold at the “Chinese Cuisine” store. The price was S$1. 00 for one sausage while outside, it was sold as 5 in a packet for S$2. 50. The prices are outrageous in our school! S$1. 00 is the Primary Ones and Twos‘ pocket money for a day and they could not possibly spent all their money on one sausage! Bad Attitude To Children:

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Not Satisfied with School Canteen Food

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The second issue is our school vendors’ attitude. Being in Primary Six, I seldom encountered someone scolding me or trying to cheat me of my money. However, I do often see lower primary pupils, especially the Primary Ones and Twos, being have to bear the vendor’s temper when he or she was feeling not particularly well. Once, I was queuing at the snack store when I saw a Primary One girl. She handed up 50 cents for something that costs 70 cents. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the store owner reply that the snack costs 70 cents and pointed to a sign behind the snacks that labelled “S$0. 0”. “Read! ” the vendor had said impatiently, eyes bulging. The girl took back her money and backed away fearfully. I think that the vendor should not behave like that. Most likely, the girl did not learn to recognize money yet and could not count the amount. The vendor should have patiently told her that what she handed was 50 cents and not 70 cents and help her find the money. Slow Serving: The third problem is one that pupils of all levels come across, that the vendors are too slow at serving. Once, my friends and I were dismissed late.

We tried to grab a chicken chop from the second stall. I did not want to eat anything else. We queued for 15 minutes before we were served, and were almost late for class. I noted that the vendors, especially the new store number 2, “Asian Favorites”, was very casual in their movements. The second store so-called “aunties” often stopped what they were doing to talk to each other, and their movements were as slow as you can get. Conclusion: Perhaps the school could install “Satisfactory Testers” at the side of each stall.

These machines comprise of two buttons, one smiley face and one sad face. If the number of smiley faces for the stall each month is above 50% of the total number replies, the stall could remain. If the stall had less than 50% smiley faces for two consecutive months, the school could change the vendor. This way, we would have included the whole school’s judgement. It is important that we count in everyone’s judgement. Having a good canteen gives us a more conducive learning environment and helps pupils to concentrate on their studies better.

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