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Nouns can be a great asset when It pertains to dealing with large amounts of data and Its ability to be able to provide a better scalability and availability than the traditional READS can make It a plus. But the down side of the perks that Nouns provide may not make It the ultimate choice for many businesses. Nouns ability to deliver faster access to data and easily is also an advantage for data outrage.

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But due to its infrastructure of being nontraditional it raises concerns. Unlike most SQL systems Nouns is not formally structured as its counterparts simply meaning it does not store data in an organized plan such as tables and rows. This makes it easier to store data more easily with multiple servers with an improved scalability. Because Nouns lack of being structured in a formatted scheme it also lack confidentiality and integrity and the column or the rows cannot be segregated which may pose a challenge with user privileged access.

Also, due to its scheme it lacks the capability of producing real time operations. It would be easy to Imply many quick enhancements to the Nouns but then It would be a mall of the traditional Sol’s. Add authentication support will Increase Its security capableness of Nouns. As mentioned Confidentiality and Integrity have to be provided solely by the application accessing the Nouns data. And overall stated MS.