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Normalcy in other words means to me to have everything up and running as required. To be stable with no corruption. Normalcy is something both Warren Gamaliel Harding along with Calvin Coolidge wish to restore in the U. S. Sadly Harding does nothing suitable to return normalcy but only to continue adding to the corruption already occurring. Coolidge on the other hand takes control after the death of Harding in 1923 and accomplished much more than Harding might have ever did. During the presidential time of Coolidge the Kellogg-Briand act was put to be followed.

Lets discover what made these two men so different from one another! Warren Gamaliel Harding happened to be the 29th president of the United States. He served from 1921 till his death in 1923 due to a heart attack. Truth be told he was considered to be the worst president of all time. In the election of 1920 U. S presidential candidate Warren promised to return the country back to the way it was before WW1 occurred. For example as a quote stated by Harding himself “America’s need is not heroics but healing…we need to return to normalcy. Harding was known for the Teapot Dome scandal which took place in Wyoming. As oil reserves that were in the custody of Harding were being improperly used by being leased to private oil companies by the secret interior Albert Fall, Albert himself accepted cash gifts and no-interest loans from the companies. As we can see in Harding’s attempt to re-create peace he failed epically. This caused Harding’s administration to be remembered as the most corrupt in the white house. John Calvin Coolidge, jr was the vice president at the time when Harding was president.

After the death of Harding, Coolidge took his place into becoming president. Coolidge slowly departed himself from the Harding administration and also removed all officials suspected of corruption. Coolidge decided to continue Harding’s policies while trying to eliminate scandals. Coolidge did promise to return normalcy to the United States, something Harding was unsuccessful at doing. In 1928, the Kellogg-Briand Pact was created between fifteen countries stating war will now be illegal.

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In my opion I believe Harding had no idea of what he was doing. He allegededly hired his old poker friends known as the Ohio Gang to work along side him. Some members from the Ohio gang used their government positions to take advantage of the money for personal use. I believe Coolidge kept his word at all times returning the U. S back to normalcy. Once Coolidge made all the necessary changes required the U. S was back to the way it was before WW1 occurred. In my belief Coolidge is a man of his word and is trustworthy.

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