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Noneconomic Measures of Development

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Microeconomic Measures of Development

  • The relationship between economic and social measures of development is direct and proportional.
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  • Conversely, the relationship between social-economic and demographic variables is usually inverse.


A literate educated labor force is essential for the effective transfer of advanced technology from the developed to developing countries. The problem in part stems from a national poverty that denies to the educational program funds sufficient for teachers, school buildings, books, and other necessities.

Public Services

The quality of public services and the creation of facilities to assure the health of the labor force are equally important evidences of national advancement. - Safe drinking water and the sanitary disposal of human waste are particularly important in maintaining human health. Their accepted presence in the developed world and their general absence in the Third World present a profound contrast between the two realms.


Access to medical facilities and personnel is another spatial variable with profound implications for the health and well-being of populations. Increasingly, the contrasts in conditions of health and disease between advanced and developing countries have become matters of international concern and attention. - Advanced and developing countries occupy two distinct worlds of disease and health.

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