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Nixon’s Policies Versus the Strategies of Cold War

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It is at the peak of The Cold War that Richard Nixon assumed his position. He felt the need to change the country’s foreign policy because it is at this time that thousands of American troops were sent to Vietnam.

Then, there was a strong urge to win The Cold War over and stop communism at any cost, Nixon rather wants to divert it to another way that points to a productive initiative that basically highlights cooperation.

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Nixon’s Policies Versus the Strategies of Cold War

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. He then emphasized the bigger importance of partnership to win back not the war but peace between countries.

Nixon even stated to provide shield to those countries in alliance to them in case of nuclear threats. He even said that the United States would also keep its commitments to other nations, as well as manpower to those who needs defense.

His strategy turned out to be more civil and diplomatic than that of the heated cold war policies. He engaged more on changing the approach so as to better see the problem and make it into something more favorable to everyone (Nixon's Foreign Policy: A Global Balance Of Power ).


Nixon's Foreign Policy: A Global Balance Of Power . (n.d.)

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