Nicole Kidman is Now Pregnant with Keith Urban’s Baby

The life of celebrities has always been an open book to the public. How they spend their free time and the milestones they experience are also being followed by the swarming people. Nicole Kidman, being one of the most sought after actresses, was not excluded from this. Her pregnancy at the age of 40 was sort of a shock for the viewing public. We all know that this is Nicole’s first biological child, even if she was married to Tom Cruise for a period of time. She had two adopted children, one was aged 15 while the other was 12 years old.

Speculations arose during her marriage to Tom Cruise as to why they never had their own children. Those speculations were never proven and everything else vanished after some time. After reading the article, I contemplated on the fact that the feature was somewhat biased. Come to think of it, when you write a specific article, one should bear in mind to show both sides of the story. In this case, all that we can see were the good points in their relationship and what were in the news. Nothing much was mentioned as to why she never had biological children even before she reached the age of 40.

Even her feelings as a “mom-to-be” again were not disclosed. Another point that should be emphasized is the fact that the article did not dwell much on her pregnancy. The article was short and lacked more information that could have made the feature much more interesting to the viewers. It should have focused more on specific details, such as to why Keith and Nicole did not have the baby immediately after their wedding, and so forth. References: (January 7, 2008). Nicole Kidman is Pregnant. Retrieved January 9, 2008 from

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Nicole Kidman is Now Pregnant with Keith Urban’s Baby
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