in what organizational patern do you mmove back and forth between subjects as you discuss different features
Point By Point
one way to ensure that your essay does what you set out to do is
To Identify sentences that connect to your purpose
one way to determine which details to include in your comparison and contrast essay is to
chart the elements of your topic
State, Extend, Elaborate
which topic is too broad for a cause and effect essay?
the reasons for an economic recession
How can you convince your audience that there is a strong relationship between effects and their causes?
elaborate on the relationship
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which term might require a definition in a cause-and-effect essay about childhood obesity written for an audience of classmates?
morbidly obese
after you revise your essay for overall structure, what is the next logical step
Look for improvements to make at the paragraph level
Using circles and underlining to aid in word choice revision
for which information must you cite your source in a research paper?
original ideas that are not your own
Which sentence uses the active voice
I finished my paper two days early
to ensure that your research project is manageable, you must be sure your topic is
narrow enough
what is the most important reason to create source cards
they include the information you will need to reference or locate again
the purpose of a dew decimal brainstorm is to
generate topics using the DD classification system
Which sentence is an active voice
hail pelted the roof
what is the sq4r method?
survey,q uestion, review study strat.
which feature shouldn’t be listed on formal outline
summary of text
What is a tool used for arranging, summarizing, and reviewing info found in reading
GRAPHIC organizer.
which is not a component of the SQ4R
which textbook sect. lists where you can find info on subjects?