New Student Seminar — Chapter 8

According to the text, the top two academic problems among college students today are:
Math and reading comprehension
According to the text, the best way to develop a dynamic vocabulary is to:
According to the text, the more you read, the better you will become at it.
Which guideline can help you identify the topic of a paragraph>
All answers are correct
Not reading can affect your reading speed.
All of the following are tips for increasing your reading comprehension except:
don’t write down anything
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All of the following are possible reasons for reading below average speed except:
Being an active reader
Which statement would an active reader make?
“I am going to learn from this”
Passive readers approach text with an open mind
Some students’ difficulty with math can be attributed to poor reading skills.
How does fixation relate to reading speed?
Reducing fixation time increases reading speed
According to the text, SQ3R stands for “Sit quietly and read, read, read”:
Which of the following will not help you increase you concentration for active reading?
Read the entire chapter in one sitting
As you read your textbook
Read the entire paragraph before you mark anything
The step in SQ3R where you ask yourself “What was that all about?” and try to explain what you just read is: