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Nazeesh Yusef

The poem Theme For English B is a really Interesting poem. It’s a bit difficult to understand, but after researching the biological, social, cultural, political, and historical context of this poem It was much easier to understand It. When looking at the cultural context the writer starts by writing his colored It gives a cultural context.

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The cultural context lets the readers know who the writer is and where it is coming from. The writer is officer colored is a male and is 22 years old.

This poem Theme For English B is about a young student whose professor asks him to write a page about him and that page had to be true. The writer even lists the schools it had been to and how he realizes that he is the only colored student at the school. As looking at the historical context the time this poem was written was in the Jim Crow era where African Americans had difficulty entrance into an elite school than their white peers. Also, in this poem the writer is struggling with the color aspect.

The writer is trundling so much that the writer doesn’t even know If It should write Its poem on a white piece of paper or a colored piece of paper. Throughout this poem the writer Is trying to figure himself out with the poem. The cultural context helped me figure this poem out more Is because the whole poem was about the speaker, and what and who the speaker was. It’s easier to understand the poem if you already have found clues about the writer. Almost the whole poem was about the writer and its race and its colored skin.