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The Nacirema change their behavior leading up to December 25th on their approved calendar. They believe that a spirit called “Christmas” will magically fill themselves and the people around then with joy and caring tendencies. They tell their offspring and little ones that a large man in a red suit with a white beard will break into their homes on the 25th and leave gifts if their behavior is good.

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If they are bad this man will leave black natural resources, coal.The children are also told to leave cookies for the man, although he is already extremely stout. The adults although supply the children with gifts and not coal, whether the child is good or bad by cultural norms.

The women of the homes spend days prepping the home for others to come. They wipe down floors and use a large machine to attempt to remove debris from the soft areas of the floor, although the floor will just collect more dirt and debris over time.Some Nacirema even go knocking on the doors of other Nacirema and when they answer, they sing. The Nacirema dedicate literature, moving pictures, and several items to this spirit. Also, the Nacirema place large amounts of small balls of light and other items on or around their places of rest to honor the spirit. not really fake greed Nacirema is American spelled backwards and refers to, with a degree/pretense of anthropological self-distancing, aspects of the behavior and society of citizens of North America.Studying the Nacirema remains useful and productive for Americans even half a century after Miner first did so because it helps us realize how our behavior may be viewed by other cultures and what that impression will do for our relationship.

Also, it helps us realize what parts of our behavior that we may have overlooked that are superficial, unnecessary, or flat out wrong.