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Mythology Character Chart

He hates Odysseus, tried to kill Odysseus in a big storm. Preventing him from going home. Athena Goddess of war and marriage Daughter of Zeus She’s crushing on Odysseus, trying to help save him, Hermes Messenger God Speaks with Odysseus and gives him the herb and tells him how to escape Circe.

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Aphrodite Goddess of love Hyphenates The god of metal-working Sculpts sculpture of O with Athena. Ares The war-god

Puts mortals In pain. Artemisia The goddess of the woods Alerter Odysseus’ daddy Odysseus goes to visit him when he returns. Auricle Odysseus’ mom/nurse The first one in the house to know Odysseus has returned. Amuses A servant on Odysseus estate. Swineherd, shepherd of pigs. Very kind, understanding and generous. Philatelist Athena disguised to guide Toolmakers Helps Toolmakers. Mutinous Suitor Mutinous leads the campaign to have Telesales killed. Rheumatics Odysseus Main character Son of Alerter

Greek Leader of Trojan war Got captured by Calypso on his way home. Penelope Odysseus’ wife Telemeters Odysseus’ son Wants the suitors out, but can’t fight them, because he’s insecure about fighting. Melanesian Melanoma Nester King of Pylons Tries to help Telesales sends him to Postmistress Nester’s son King of Laceration Helen The most beautiful woman in the world. The cause of the Trojan War Polymorphous (Cyclops) Terrifies Circe A witch Calypso A strong sea-nymph Traps Odysseus on her island, kept him as a love-slave.