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My Self

I believe that multifarious factors make a person an individual who is unique and distinct from others. Most of these factors work their magic early on in a man’s life, consisting of experiences in childhood and adolescence, which shape a person’s philosophy and values in life. I was fortunate to have a childhood that gave me a sense of respect towards my parents and other family members, especially my elders.

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My childhood and adolescence taught me to treat my family as a sacred thing and give it the importance it deserves. Moreover, I know that our socioeconomic status gave me the proper perspective and drive to aim high in my studies and avoid taking risks.

My close relationship with my family also allowed me to become open to forming close and trusting friendships. Thus, my childhood can be generally described as non-traumatic, save for a single car accident that left me a few injuries. Nevertheless, such an experience did not prevent me from studying hard in class, which made adults see me as a smart child who has more than what meets the eyes.

My open relationship with my friends and family shaped my disposition as an active and open-minded person, who is always willing to help. I am also generally jovial, ad this helps me get along with others easily. I continue to live by my academic skills I acquired since childhood, and I pride myself in being a fast learner and a good researcher. My view of manhood and sexuality is consistent with my personal philosophy, which is bound by honesty, dignity and resoluteness.

Given this personal backdrop, I expect my future life to be bright and full of promises. I will work hard to achieve a happy family life and a successful professional career. Therefore, I will keep on pursuing further studies, careful not to let any kind of obstacle get in my way. I know that my friends and family would be with me every step of the way while I tread the road to personal growth and fulfillment.

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