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My Room

The wall is cream colored. There are all sort of modern facilities in my room what makes it very comfortable to live. There is a double size bed in the left corner of the room which is made by wood and it is very comfortable to sleep on it.

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There is lamp beside my bed and a sofa as well. My room has got a big window. It looks so beautiful when light comes through the window in my room during the morning and twilight. There is a reading table with chair Just under the window.

I put all of my necessary things for study on this table. I also put my personal computer on it. Beside my table, there is a nice wardrobe where I keep my clothes and valuable things. It has got a big mirror on the cover. There are a good numbers of pictures of my family and friends hung on the wall. When I feel depressed, I take a look on these pictures to make my mind happy and cheerful. All pictures are neatly placed in their proper spots In a collage. My room has got a balcony too.

I have a sliding glass door going out to my balcony. The view from my balcony is really amazing. I usually go there before the sun set and like to see the beauty of nature. I can see the road opposite of our apartment from the balcony. There is a rocking chair in my balcony. It gives me amazing feelings when I sit on my rocking chair and take breath from cool breeze. I always like to keep my room neat and clean. All of these In my room make me very comfortable and relax. I love my room very much.