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My New Year Resolution

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The New Year is right around the corner and as you gear up to bid farewell to 2012, you’re ready to pop the champagne, countdown with friends and you’ve even got a special someone lined up who you plan on sharing a kiss with at the stroke of midnight but wait do you know what your New Year’s resolutions are for 2013? I’m sure to set mini-goals along the road and set an end goal with a deadline. I will find that resolutions can be more real than just a wish. Look for classes in the community that can also introduce to other friends. In addition, get a mentor or even pick up some educational books on the subject.

As I embark upon my journey into a brand new 365 days, make an effort to each of the days. To really hone my craft, it is important that exercise daily is the only way to get better. Set aside time each day without distraction that will help get you into a fulfilling life. In the New Year, make it a goal to try different things. Embrace other forms of art like painting, sculpture, photography, dance or music, attend concerts and plays, or try a sport any of the new experiences will broaden my horizons. Work harder and harder in my job position.

A good beginning is half done! Stepping the first footprint into society, I don't just want a job. What I really want is a career. I’ll find the first job in Taiwan, what's more, the chosen field, is evident. I won't leave any regret for the future Grace when I looking back from my old. Learn to be more tolerant and considerate. Thank you for all my friends' care. I’ll become stronger in the future, however, where am I and who am I . Just do it on my step, don’t be regret on this 2013. In 2012, I already lost and give up many things but it all over just look at the best in 2013.

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My New Year Resolution

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