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My house

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I live in a small town which called Wborg. Here I live with my family : father, mother, brother and cat. We have been living in block of flats house since 1994. Our flat placed on the sixth floor, we have a nice view on the nature from our balcony. On the first floor we have fence with hedge and lawn of ours home ornamented with animals. I live in a standard two room flat without facilities like a gym or sauna in flat. Big wardrobe with mirror staying in the passage where we keep our clothes and shoes. The floor is parquet in the passage, living room and kitchen.

In the living room a big Persian rug with near standing sofa-bed with cushions, curtain on the window, huge bookcase with fitted place for tv, folding table from wood standing in the center of room. Hole room in bright and brown colors and curtain in brown color too. In the bedroom I live with my older brother who is living here now. Colors of our room are white, brown and red. We have two sofa-bed with pillows where we are sleeping, wardrobe for me and brother, little chest of drawers, large table where standing two computers with acoustic near 80 kilowatt.

The main part of our room is horizontal bar with punching bag. It allows doing sport in a room without gym. The bathroom isn't separated with toilet but it's both tiled in bright colors. Ordinary bath with shower standing in the bathroom, washing machine standing there too, washbasin with drawer where we keep thing like shampoo, razor, shaving foam and something for bath. The main difference from kitchen of other people it's bar. It's really comfortable to eat for it or sitting in internet. There are a lot of electronic device such as : fridge, ooker, toaster, microwave, food processor, electronic kettle and laptop.

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We haven't fitted kitchen and so we have a lot of cupboard and drawers. Big table standing in the center of kitchen where I with my family can have dinner together and share all news with them. Colors of kitchen are silver and blue. Unfortunately it's better to live in the suburbs but I love to live here. It isn't far from city center and it close to all my friend. My home is where I feel safe and happy, where I am always welcome and where I can come in any difficult minute and find help and comfort.

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