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My father had told me that I should consider first my budget

I am so excited in buying my first car.Can’t wait to drive it! As I was browsing through catalogues and asking friends and family I’ve learned that there are factors that I have to consider in purchasing a car.I thought it was as easy as buying a chocolate bar at the store.

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My father had told me that I should consider first my budget. What’s the budget I’ve allotted for my car? It was only then that I had thought about it. It seems that my budget won’t match the car I’ve dreamed of buying.

So my father told me to think of the other factors, such as, look for a car that would fit my budget. Next is the quality of the car, like the engine and the body; and lastly are the features of the car. What I did was look through the catalogues and brochures again. Write on a piece of paper the features I like and the kind of engine that fits my lifestyle. On the other side are the features of the cars I’m looking at. Cross out the things that I don’t like, and left out what I like and the things that match them.

It was only then that I was able to choose the car that I’ll be purchasing. But there are three choices left, which I really have to think about and consider. I again consulted my father about it to finalize my decision. He told me to go and check out the cars that are in my list, “Once you’re there and check them you’ll know which one is for you. ” And I did went to check the cars out. I wasn’t able to see the third choice for when I saw the second car I knew it was for me.

As if it was calling me, when I approached it to check out the seats, the interiors and engine, I didn’t waste any time at all and spoke to the car salesman. That afternoon I negotiated with the salesman and was able to purchase the car less than my budget. I felt so accomplished and victorious. The salesman told me to go back after a few days for the car. I called my father while I was walking out of the office, telling him what happened. He was just laughing while I was talking.

I kept on talking as if I didn’t hear he was laughing on the other line. When I was finished he said, “That’s what I was telling you. Now you know what I was saying. And I can say that you’re too proud and happy that you were able to purchase your first car on your own. ” When I heard that I just nodded and said, “Thank you very much, Dad. I love you. ” It was such a fulfilling feeling that, I won’t forget that experience. I go with the same process every time I would purchase something. I’ve learned a lot from my father.