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Tymaine McBee March 21, 2013 Personal Statement Essay My name is Tymaine McBee and I am currently a student/trainee at OBT (Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow).The reasons why I have enrolled in OBT are to obtain my GED, get enrolled on a good college, and to get a good job.The main reason why I’m here is because high school didn’t really work out for me.

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I was always getting into trouble and everything else you can imagine. I was just a problem child but I hope I can get through OBT. I have faith that I can.

The first reason why I chose to enroll in OBT is to get my GED. I feel that high school really wasn’t for me. Why you ask? Well, when I was in high school, I used to get in lots of trouble like fighting, hanging around with the wrong crowd, and getting locked up. I feel that OBT will help me obtain my GED because the staff here no only help you with school work they help you get ready for the business world as well. I think these skills will help me survive because in the real world you need business skills and school smarts to survive.

My second reason why I enrolled into OBT is to get a job. The reason why I want a job is to help my grandmother out around the house, with bills and rent. I’m also looking to get a job so I can support myself like buying stuff that I need. Another reason why I’m looking to get a job because this will be the first job I ever had. I had previous chances to work for summer youth but I messed those chances up by getting locked up. But the main and most important reason why I’m hoping to get a job is so I can take care of my grandmother because she is very sick.

The third reason why I go enrolled in OBT was to get into a good college. I’ve always wanted to go to college but I wasn’t the brightest kid in the world. One of the colleges I would like to go to is Hunter College. I would like to go to college to study computer networking, law, and nursing. The reason why I want to study computer networking is because I love computers and I want to learn how to network one. The reason why I want to study in law is because I’m a good speaker and I fight for what’s right also I know how to hold a good argument.

The reason why I want to study in nursing is because I want to give back to the community like I want to help old people get better when they are sick. In conclusion, I enrolled in OBT to get my GED, get into a good college, and to get a good job. I just hope that I can make it through this program without any slip-ups or anything. I really have faith that I can make it through these 23 weeks and get my GED and do something productive with my life instead of doing wrong. I’m glad that I’m a student/trainee at OBT its going to open new doors and opportunities for me in the future.

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