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My Dream House

My Dream House Everyone must hope they will have a dream house. The dream house can keep them In the condition they wanted. In my mind, I hope that my dream house Is far from main city and industrial area due to I like quiet environment.

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I also like fresh air around me. Every day I can woke up by the sound of birds and see them perched in the branches if the trees. Inside the house will be a big, spacious hall. Will decorate the walls of the hall with paintings like green color and more.

I always feeling relax and serene In the house. The day light is essential. In my living room must have some big windows so I will not feel too hot when I am sleeping. A study room Is exist certainly. It can be small, In there, I write read books and doing my homework. I hope this room is quiet so I can calm and attentive to do the things. And in my bedroom is painted with my favorite color, light green, it represents feelings if harmony and peace feature for me.

I will place in a bookshelf in the room. The bookshelf is occupied by all my favorite books. The house outer design will be a calm and open environment. There must have a large open space and planted many trees and flowers. I think the outer decoration looks ordinary enough and have some small and beautiful gardens. If can, I hope it will have a clear river near my house, I also want to rear some pets like rabbit, dog, owl, birds and squirrels.

I will provide foods and shelters for them because my gardens have enough space. It should be a green house beside my house. I would grow own vegetables, tomatoes, chilies, eggplants and more. The design and the location of our house usually will affect our mood. Dream house would reflect our feelings, thoughts and personality. If we live In a place close to the serenity of nature, our minds. Bodies and splits will be filled with positive energies.