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My Dad My Hero

Essay Topic:

My hero is my dad. He is always caring and is always helping my family in every which way he can. Another thing that makes him so good is that he always wants us to try new stuff.

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When we have sports stuff he will go out of work now and then and take us there and will watch us play. Lastly, he is a really good Dad, and I love him. One thing that he has taught me to do is how to trim a house. He would take every weekend so that I and he could go to the old house we used to live at.

We would get snacks and or there all day. It is very hard to do and can also be very annoying to do at times. He is the master right now at it and I am basically his apprentice. Whenever my little brother needs help with something my dad will put aside everything to help him because he knows that my little brother needs it. He is also trying to make our family better and is making our family all together better. Another thing is that he knows a lot about computers and he always wants me to work on things that aren’t working yet.

Also, he knows how to fix a lot of other things and is always trying to make all of us learn new things. My dad is as really good dad. In conclusion he encourages us to learn new stuff and loves us all. He will always look out for us no matter the circumstances. Also, he does not really hate anyone and he basically never yells or screams at anyone or anything. So by writing this essay, I have shown how much I love my dad and how good he is at being it. He is a good dad and always will be. The End.