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I have good communication and 'people' skills. I am flexible and enjoy learning new skills and have enjoyed working in different environments. This has given me so much experience. I would welcome the opportunity to further my education/ training to ensure can do any job to the best of my ability. The Heathens Animal Rescue Group, Cat Sanctuary -July 2014 to date Volunteer helping in the sanctuary. BOW (Business Working with Watershed) - May 2014 Volunteer Organizes. Organizing networking events for a charitable organization that brings together businesses to do work in the community.

Setting up event, meeting delegates, compiling information on attendees, making sure delegates are looked after at the event. Babysitter - January 2012 to date babysat for neighbors and friends, giving them the opportunity to socialism and attend events. This has taught me how to organize a diary, network and learn a little about running a business. Prep Dam School India - February 2014 Volunteer was given an amazing opportunity from college to fly to India to take part in volunteer project helping in Catholic schools and orphanages in Iambi.

This was a life changing opportunity. We attended different schools. The first was a girls orphanage with ages ranging from 6 - 16 years. We played a few simple games with them, sang songs and then worked with them to produce a presentation on Nelson Mandela and freedom. They made posters inspired by the presentation. This gave me a chance to hear some of the girls life stories, and how coming to the boarding school was a way out of the slums for them for a while, like a long holiday.

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The second school was similar, but girls and boys aged 5 years old. On our final day with the charity, we reached our hardest challenge, looking after 200, 5 year olds. We decided to do lots of arts and crafts, bracelet making painting and mask making along with sports such as cricket and football. We hope we made a difference to them, they certainly made a difference to me. Zoom Play Centre Stockpot - June 2012 to June 2014 Party Host/Waitress Whilst working at Zoom, have had many roles. My main role is a Party Host for young children.

This involves serving hem food and drink, as well as organizing different games for them. My other roles include working on the till, serving drinks and confectionery. Taking food orders, waiting on tables, and cleaning the equipment, cafe and party area. SST Michaels Primary School - Work Experience - July 2012 Teaching Assistant While I was in year 1 1, I was offered the opportunity do my work experience in a primary school. I learned to control different situations, planned lessons, interact with teachers and pupils, and was involved in organizing trips out.

Miss Selfridges - The Tradeoff Centre - October 2014 - Present Whilst working at Miss Selfridges, I was responsible for working as part of a team to reach the stores sales and customer service targets. Some of the roles I contributed to included making sure that each and every customer was satisfied and has found everything they needed, offering expert knowledge and fashion advice, handling all customer responses and being able to deal with them in a calm and professional manner and ensuring that all standards are up to scratch ND maintained throughout the day.

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