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Music industry and illegal downloading

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I found 3 main ideas about how illegal downloading affects the music industry and they all basically say that illegal downloading either affects the music industry in a good way, a bad way, or not at all. One of the main ideas states that illegal downloading music increases sales by saying that most people who illegally and legally download songs would not have legally downloaded a song if illegal downloading was not available to them.

Another idea says that illegal downloading has a negative effect on music sales, which people who are illegally downloading USIA are acquiring the music without paying at all, driving the music sales lower and lower. The last main idea states that illegally downloading music has absolutely no effect at all; people who download music illegally for their main source of getting music would not buy music legally, as it being seen as not worth buying. Conclusion: The music industry has been affected greatly by illegal downloading, but is still greatly debated whether it is a positive, negative, or no effect.

For example, some people think illegally downloading music increases a fan base and increases music ales. However, other people may think it gives out a negative result on the music industry. They think the consequences are a loss in profit, resulting in many losses in the music industry. There are also some people who think otherwise. These people think illegal downloading has absolutely no effect on music sales at all, saying that the people, who were never buying music legally, would not buy it if illegal downloading was not available to them. Music industry and illegal downloading By rehabilitation

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Music industry and illegal downloading

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