Musc Final

copland’s billy the kid is a:
during the 1940s, dizzy gillespie, charlie parker, and thelonious monk developed:
porgy and bess
george gershwins folk opera _______ was far ahead of its time
the harlem renaissance
in his early years, william grant still was associated with which artistic movement?
all of the above
in which musical style did copland compose?
prepared piano
john cage’s work sonatas and interludes is a work for:
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boston pops
john williams was the music director and principal conductor of the
new york philharmonic
leonard bernstein was the first american-born conductor to be appointed director of the:
the soviet union
prokofiev and shostakovich were prominent composers from:
nadia boulanger was an extraordinarily gifted:
one composer in paris who explored post-impressionist trends was:
the introduction to the Stravinsky’s The rite of spring begins with a melody played on the:
arnold schoenberg
alban berg and aton webern were students of:
a near riot
the rite of spring opened in paris in 1913 to:
extended passages of consonance
which of the following does NOT characterize the musical language of Expressionism
music that rejects the framework of key is described as
which viennese composer invented the twelve-tone method after writing in both post-romantic and atonal styles?
which early twentieth-century style dealt with the realm of the psyche?
which painter associated with expressionism influenced schoenberg?
the rite of spring
which of the following stravinsky works is from his primitivist period?
Daphins and Chloe
which of the following is NOT a stravinksy ballet?
which of the following was a russian-born composer who wrote music in post-impressionist, primitivist, neoclassical, and twelve-tone styles?
simple gifts
copland’s Appalachian spring quotes the early american tune:
the comparative study of musics of the world is called:
the early twentieth-century style that sought to revive certain principles and forms of earlier music was:
charles ives
the first great american composer of the twentieth century was:
hungarian folk songs
the model for Bartok’s melodies can be found in:
miles davis
the principal exponent of cool jazz was the trumpeter:
west side story is a modern day musical retelling of shakespeare’s:
big band
what kind of jazz is duke ellington known for?
a two-note phrase
what was the trademark of bebop?
new orleans
which american city is considered the birth place of jazz?
which hungarian composer combined native folk music characteristics with main currents of European music?
serge diaghilev
which russian figure played a crucial role in the development of twentieth century ballet?
which instrument did Louis Armstrong play?
which mass-media forum was launched in 1981
john cage
which of the following composers invented the prepared piano?
which of the following composers would NOT have been emulated during the neo-classical era?
he lived a long life and was a mentor to other young composers?
which of the following did NOT characterize george gerswhin?
standard march form
which of the following does NOT characterize Ive’s country band march?
lyrical melodies
which of the following does NOT characterize John Cage’s Sonatas and interludes?
our town
which of the following is NOT a ballet by Copland?
which of the following music genres developed around the turn of the twentieth century and incorporates elements of african music and western popular and art music?
the phantom of the opera
which of the following musicals was NOT a collaboration by Rodgers and Hammerstein
stephen soundheim
which of the following wrote the lyrics for West Side Story
an american in paris
which work did Gershwin compose in france?
chance music
with which contemporary movement is the composer john cage linked?
particularly innovative
bartok’s use of rhythm was:
a soldiers obsession with unhappy love
bergs opera wozzek centers on:
bergs opera wozzeck is best described as an example of:
all of the above
bernstein rose to prominence as:
the jets and the sharks
bersteins west side story updates the feud of the capulets and the montagues to a feud between:
tone row
in the twelve-tone method, the arrangement of the twelve tones is called:
alexanders ragtime band
irving berlins first hit song was:
louis armstrong was also known as:
louis armstrongs instrument like approach to singing is called:
schoenberg created a new style in which vocal melodies were spoken rather than sung with exact pitches and rhythms knowns as:
the third movement of william grant still’s suite for violin and piano can best be described as:
the twelve tone method is also known as:
which composer was a disciple of schoenberg and is best known for his operas wozzeck and lulu?
George m cohan
which early twentieth century songrwiter composed the wartime hit over there?
which of the following was a prominent student of nadia boulanger?
brahms is often described as _______ because of his use of the forms established by the classical masters
the basic theme of the symphony, heard in every movement
in Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantasique, which is the idee fixe?
the ring of the nibelung
wagner’s cycle of four music dramas is called?
chopin spent his early years in:
program symphony
berlioz’s symphonie fantasique is an example of:
how many movements are in berlioz’s symphonie fantastique?
which nineteenth century composer’s entire output centered around the piano?
a rondo is most typically found in the _____ movement of classical multimovement cycle.
beethoven suffered from perhaps the most traumatic of all maladies fro a musician. what was it?
the late romantic italian opera tradition was characterized by a movement toward realism called:
clara schumann
which of the following was a noted woman composer of the romantic era?
judgment day
the dies irae text from the Requiem mass describes:
how many movements are in a classical concerto?
which of the following composers created the symphonic poem?
the second movement
which movement of a symphony is traditionally the slowest?
which of the following was NOT a leading composer of italian opera?
shubert was born in:
which of the following composed the barber of seville and william tell?
a chant from the mass for the dead
the dies irae is:
the acress harriet smithson
which of the following inspired berlioz’s symphonie fantastique?
symphony no. 9
the “ode to joy” is the finale of beethovens:
the german term for the art song
in which country was franz liszt born
the bible
oratarios primarily drew their stories from
classical artists emphasized clarity and beauty of form
how did classical artists differ from their romantic counterparts?
theme and variations
what is the form of the second movement of beethovens symphony no 5
which composer is from finland?
strong accents on the first beat of each measure
which of the following was not characteristic of impressionist music?
which composer rebelled against the patronage system and struggled to achieve financial independence?
new orleans
louis moreau gottschalk was born in
typical feature of a concerto is a free solo passage without orchestral accompaniment called the:
heinrich heine
robert schumanns a poets love is set to texts by:
absolute music
music composed without literacy or pictoral meanings is called:
the nickname “father of the symphony” was earned by
which genre is faure is considered to be a master
claude debussy
impressionism in music is best exemplified by the works of
how many movements make up a typical hadyn symphony?
all of the above
how did comic opera differ from opera seria
song cycle
a group of lieder unified by a narrative thread or by a descriptive or expressive theme is called
wagner himself
the librettist for wagners music dramas was
how many symphonies did beethoven write
reserved emotions
which of the following does not characterize romantic music?
what trend inspired composer to write music evoking scenes or sounds of far-off lands?
string quartet in b-flat major
which of the following compositions is least likely to be an example of program music?
mozart died while writing his
chopin spent most of his productive life in
a musical setting of the mass for the dead
1750 to 1825
classical period in music ranged from
the first movement of a symphony is usually in _____ form
the gesamtkunstwerk
wagners total artwork, in which all the arts-music, poetry, drama, visual spectacle-are fused together, is called
claude monet
impressionism: sun rising, the painting that sparked the impressionst art movements was created by
which of the following was a widely beloved nationalist opera composer?
sonata allegro
which of the folowing best describes the form of the first movement of mozarts eine kleine machtmusick
which of the following composers was NOT a master of the viennese school?
the galloping of the horse
in schubert’s elfking, the obsessive triplet rhythm of the piano accompaniment represents
the leading composer of italian opera in the late romantic era was:
minuet and trio
classical multimovement cycle, the third movement is usually in:
the most important key board instrument in the romantic period was
which group of instruments was the nucleus of the classical orchestra?
which composer both maintained and disrupted the balance of the classical style?
which of the following russian composers was famous for his ballets?
artificially created male soprano or alto voice that dominated baroque opera was known as the:
martin luther
leader in the protestant reform
notre dame style of polyphony, in which the tenor line was based on a preexisting chant melody and the upper voice moved freely (and more rapidly) was called:
kyrie, gloria, credo, sanctus, agnus dei
which of the following are the movements of the ordinary of the mass?
without any accompaniment
the term a capella refers to choral music performed:
notre dame cathedral in paris
the first major center of polyphony
the ideas of music of the florentine cmaerata led directly to the development of
soprano, alto, tenor, bass
standard ranges of the human voice from highest to lowest are
tradition of the troubadours and trouveres developed in
josquins ave maria…virgo serena is an example of
approximate dates of the baroque period
vocal style in opera that imitates the natural inflections of speech
color of a tone
timbre referes to
exclusively religious orientation
which of the following does not represent the thinking of the renaissance
handels messiah is
the outstanding composer-poet of the ars nova was
the bible
stories for oratarios are generally drawn from
the _____ is a keyboard form based on the principle of voices imitating each other
all of the above
which of the following is true of all brass instruments
the approximate dates for the renaissance era
the solo instrument in spring, from the four seasons is the
only at the ends of complete works
at a symphony concert, you should applaud
johann sebastian bach was most famous in his day as a performer on the
johannes gutenber
who invented the printing press
middle ages, renassiance, baroque, classical, romantic, twentieth century
which of the following is the proper chronological order of musical style periods?
the orchestral introduction at the beginning of an opera is called the
lutheran church services
the sacred cantata was an integral part of the
vivd description of a text through music, known as word-painting, is the hallmark of the
approximately two thirds of a symphony orchestra consists of
the first era of western music history in which instrumental music was a major focus for composers
timpani are members of the ____ family of instruments
the ______ is a keyboard instrument whose strings are plucked by quills
text of an opera is called the
the bass instrument in the brass family is the
which of the following composers is regarded as the first master of opera?
hildegard of bingen
which of the following women was a religious leader and a prominent figure in literature and music
the typical solo concerto has _____ movements
violin, viola, cello, double bass
which is the correct order of bowed string instruments from highest to lowest in range
which of the following is a double reed instrument?
giovanni pierluigi da palestrina
which composer responded to the reforms of the council of trent in an exemplary fashion?
what was the primary language of the mass
the french courtly love song of the middle ages was called the
the number of players on each part
what distinguishes chamber music from orchestral music?

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