Multiple Choice Questions

Staffing influences organizational performance because:
its outcomes determine who will work for and represent the firm
An organization’s competitive advantage is:
what it can do differently from its competitors
Interviewing job candidates to assess their fit with the job and organization is part of:
If a company’s employees have talents that would be useful to the organization and the company is not taking advantage of these talents, it is not being efficient in the activity of:
Strategically evaluating the company’s current lines of business, new businesses it will be getting into, businesses it will be leaving, and the gaps between the current skills in the organization and the skills it will need to execute its business strategy is:
workforce planning
Staffing professionals promote the goals of society by:
helping to match people with jobs and organizations
The primary goal of _____ is to get the right people interested in working for an organization or in a specific job, then persuade them to apply and ultimately accept the job offer if they are extended.
Locating qualified individuals and labor markets from which to recruit is:
Succession management ensures that:
an organization has people ready to assume leadership positions when they become
Samuel joined an accounting firm as a clerk. Each Monday, he is assigned a new project which is due by Friday. It has been over 5 months since he joined the firm but Samuel is yet to receive any feedback about his work performance from his supervisor. This is an example of poor:
performance management
Putting together an attractive job offer and negotiating with the candidate the company wants to hire is part of:
Creating a favorable image in desired applicants’ minds about the organization being a good place for them to work is:
employer branding
Idiosyncratic jobs are:
created around a current or new employee’s unique skills
Which of the following, if true, would require a company to respectfully and honestly explain the hiring process to all applicants.
The company is committed to practicing ethical behavior
Organic growth takes place when an organization:
expands from within by opening new factories or stores
Axis Auto tries to keep its operational spending as low as possible so that it can pass its savings on to customers in the form of lower prices. This is known as a ____ strategy.
When viewing employees as assets, the staffing focus is on managing:
Taking the time to explain the hiring process and making every effort to follow up with candidates to minimize delays is an example of:
a commitment to ethical behavior
To hire technical skills a company expects to need in six months, it would engage in:
talent-oriented staffing
When a firm has a superior level of cooperation and innovation among its research team that allows it to design a new product two days faster than its competitors it has created a:
human process adavantage
When viewing applicants and employees as investors, the goal is to:
give applicants and employees a return on their personal contributions in the organization
Which of the following is true about external hiring?
It can enhance organizational diversity
Which of the following are employees of a company who take on the operation of certain functions, or staff an entire office or factory on a contractual basis for a client or company?
leased workers
Which of the following is true for employment contracts?
An implicit contract is not specified in a written or verbal contract.
A BFOQ is a(n):
characteristic that is essential to the performance of an employment function
Affirmative action means:
proactive efforts to ensure nondiscriminatory results in employment practices
Comparing the percentage of men, women, or minorities employed in a job category with their availability in the relevant population of qualified people interested in the position is an example of:
stock statistic
Comparing the percentages of men, women, or minorities employed in a job categories to see if men women, or minorities are disproportionately represented in certain workforce categories is an example of a:
concentration statistic
If a company makes promises to a recruit that it does not intend to keep, it could be found guilty of:
fraudulent recruitment
A company fails to do a background check that would have revealed that a person it has hired has the potential to harm others. The employee then physically harms a customer during a disagreement. The company could be found guilty of:
negligent hiring
When a competing hospital calls for an employee recommendation, a hospital manager fails to disclose negative information about a previous employee who was discharged for improper and reckless behavior toward a patient. This could be an example of:
negligent referral
When Mary hires someone because they share the same interests, which of the following has occurred?
like-me bias
A systematic process of identifying and describing the important aspects of a job and the characteristic a worker needs to perform the job well is a:
job analysis
Job candidate characteristics that are critical to the adequate performance of a new hire are called:
essential criteria
A job task is a(n):
observable unit of work with a beginning and an end
Which of the following are advantages of using structured questionnaires for job analysis?
speed and low cost
In staffing, O*NET is used for:
background job analysis information
Which of the following is a disadvantage of using the task inventory job analysis method?
inability to distinguish superior from average workers
The balance between the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards an employee receives by working for a particular employer in return for their job performance is the
employee value proposition
____ helps a company tailor its recruiting message to appeal to the needs, values, and motivations of targeted potential applicants.
job rewards analysis
Typically, when interest rates rise,
businesses are less likely to expand
____ involves looking at past employment patterns and using those patterns to predict a firm’s future labor needs.
trend analysis
If managers are asked to estimate their optimal headcount for the following year for staffing planning purposes, which of the following has been used?
judgmental forecasting
Staffing can be considered a cornerstone of human resource management because it:
determines the workforce representing the company
Strategic staffing means:
staffing an organization in future-oriented and goal-directed ways that support the organization’s business strategy and enhance organizational effectiveness.
Which of the following people determine whether an applicant will be extended a job offer?
Hiring manager
All organizational practices and decisions that affect either the number or types of individuals willing to apply for and accept job offers is:
Which of the following, if true, would uphold a company’s sustainable competitive advantage in front of rival firms?
It is difficult to imitate the strategic staffing practices of the firm
Hiring people who are efficient, trainable, and willing to follow standardized procedures would support an _____ competitive advantage.
operational excellence
For organizations relying on new product innovation and for which the commitment and efforts of employees are key drivers of organizational performance, which of the following talent philosophies would be most appropriate?
keeping salaries as low as possible to control costs
Independent bookstore Signature Books has been struggling to survive as sales declined sharply in the past year. Its main competitors are the large chain stores that have a much wider range of books and can afford to sell books at a discount, but online retailers are also eating into Signature’s market. Signature Books opts for a specialization strategy, focusing on foreign-language books and learning materials. Which of the following, if true, will support Signature’s decision?
Chain stores stock mainly books of general interest, such as books by popular authors and self-help books.
When a firm pursues a differentiation strategy, it is attempting to:
develop products that have unique characteristics
Employment-at-will is an employment relationship which:
allows either the employee or employer to terminate the employment at any time
Which of the following is true of a “closed shop”?
No non-union workers are employed.
Which of the following is a characteristic of independent contractors?
They do not receive benefits from the employer.
Department store BigTen refused to hire Max because of his religion. The store is in violation of:
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
The WARN Act related to which of the following?
A job analysis:
determines a job entry’s requirements
If the job of a loader exists to load packages on delivery trucks, the ability to safely lift and load packages onto a truck is an:
essential function
A summary of the characteristics of someone able to perform the job well is a:
person specification
The job analysis technique that identifies behaviors that lead to extremely effective or extremely ineffective job performance is:
critical incidents method
The job analysis method that uses expert brainstorming sessions to identify the characteristics of successful workers is the:
job elements method
Anna is the manager of human resources at Alcatec Inc. She is comparing the number of employees required over the next six months versus the capabilities of her existing workforce adjusted for attrition. She is trying to identify any gaps between the two. Which step of the workforce planning process is discussed here?
conduct a workforce analysis
A Japanese company that makes electronic watches exports 90 percent of its products to the US. Which of the following will happen if the dollar strengthens against the Japanese Yen?
The company’s watches will become less expensive in the US
ROM Corporation had kept all its hiring plans on hold during the last four quarters because the economy was in a state of recession. ROM manufactures data cards, memory chips, and LCD monitors. The company is analyzing market trends in order to reassess its hiring strategy for the coming year. Which of following, if true, would most support the argument for restarting hiring?
Computer manufacturers have aggressively started hiring more staff
Which of the following, if true, would require a company to make adjustments to its historical employee-productivity ratios?
The company is adopting a more efficient manufacturing system
Which of the following forecasting methods relies on the experience and insights of people in the organization to predict a firm’s future employment needs?
judgmental forecasting
An employee who is currently employed but occasionally visits online job boards “just to see what’s out there” in case he can identify a better job opportunity is called an:
passive job seeker
Which of the following is an internal recruiting source?
Succession management
Which of the following refers to the training of employees to extend their capabilities and prepare them to assume other jobs and roles in the firm?
employee development
An HR manager trying to recruit for a number of key positions in a firm asks the best talent to recommend the best people they’ve worked with in the past or people they feel would be good performers. This is an example of:
Which of the following recruitment strategies can help an organization reduce labor costs and improve customer service together with pursuing top talent.
When an applicant believes that an assessment method is unfair because it does not give him an opportunity to demonstrate job-relevant skills:
procedural fairness is low.
Which type of fairness is perceived to be low by most job applicants who are not selected for a particular job?
distributive fairness
An applicant who finds a recruiter to be rude and unhelpful is likely to perceive:
low interactional fairness
Recruiter behaviors have the largest impact on:
overall applicant impressions of the recruiter.
Having recruiters evaluate candidates for their fit with several different positions is an example of:
multiple assessments.
The fit between a person’s abilities and the demands of the job and the fit between a person’s desires and motivations and the attributes and rewards of a job is:
person-job fit
Effective staffing enhances the degree to which an:
employee meets a job requirements
If an individual’s goals, values, and work style clashes with the goals of his or her co-workers, which of the following is true?
The individual has low person-group fit
Which of the following is true of person-organization fit?
It is positively related to job satisfaction
What is a stereotype threat?
Awareness of subgroup differences on standardized tests creates frustration among minority test takers leading to low scores.
Why do some firms prefer to call groups of employees targeted for accelerated development “acceleration pools” rather than “high-potential pools”?
Because “high potential” pool implies the rest are of low potential.
Which of the following would be required to provide critical skills to employees that might be needed in the future?
Assigning a new employee to regularly meet with a more senior, more experienced employee to further the career development of both employees is:
Which of the following would result in peer ratings being a successful method of internal assessment in a firm?
Work in the firm is done in teams.
Which of the following raters is often the most controversial feature of a multisource assessment?
When different assessments are made using different scales, before they can be combined the raw scores must be:
A minimum assessment score that must be met or exceeded to advance to the next assessment phase or to be eligible to receive a job offer is a:
cut score
If an applicant is not hired because the applicant has previously claimed overtime which they were owed, they are likely to be covered under the:
Fair Labor Standards Act
The best time to pursue workforce diversity is during:
sourcing and recruiting
Which of the following is true of a competitive job offer?
It may or may not allow for further negotiations.
The ongoing process of recruiting, evaluating, developing, and preparing employees to assume other positions in the firm in the future is:
succession management
Which of the following recruitment strategies can reduce the possibility of overlooking qualified internal talent?
talent inventories
Publicizing open jobs to employees is known as:
internal job posting
An organization that is currently composed of primarily white males may discriminate against minorities and women if it uses which recruiting source?
employee referrals
Why is it more likely that employee referral programs are effective and successful?
Applicants hired through this method low high turnover.
Retainer firms are:
search firms who charge employers a fixed fee in advance of placement
Which of the following means of sourcing talent is sometimes considered unethical?
An engineering firm is looking for a civil engineer to head their new project to build a highway. Unable to find the right candidate for the job, the firm resorts to scouting for potential candidates among the employees of rival firms. It offers the assistant chief engineer of its rival firm an extremely lucrative package and change to manage greater responsibilities. This practice is known as:
pull-up hire
Which of the following external recruiting sources is useful for finding semi-passive an passive job seekers?
internet data mining
Which of the following is a benefit of social networking as a sourcing method?
It increases diversity of talent available.
The need to acknowledge and respect the diversity of local cultures when sourcing and managing a global workforce is called:
Firms operating globally often need to give some latitude to their local managers to tailor their strategies and practices to meet the needs of their locations. This highlights the _____ aspect of global sourcing.
Amy was unhappy with the way she was treated when she applied for the position of a shop-floor assistant at a local retail outlet. When her friend Carrie hears about this, she stops shopping at that store. This is an example of:
spillover effect
Tracy has an interview with a disorganized, unprepared recruiter and concludes that the company does not have a very professional culture. This is an example of:
What is the disadvantage of getting line managers to recruit for a firm?
They have to take time out from their actual jobs.
When a union organizer tries to get a job with a company for the purpose of unionizing the company’s workforce, this is known as:
Which of the following do corporate executives use to form an image of a specific organization?
economic performance indicators
A formal document detailing the process to be followed when a firm recruits for an open position is a:
recruiting guide
Which of the following is true of general ads for recruitment?
They provide limited job attributes and details.
Peter will not take a job that offers a salary below $45,000 per annum but is flexible on where the job is located. For Peter, pay is a:
non-compensatory screening factor
Which of the following would help the process of compiling information about the job or organization that candidates will find more or less attractive?
surveying present employees
Which of the following statements is true of a recruitment guide?
It lays down which staff members are responsible for recruiting.
When a restaurant hires a server who has similar competencies to the existing servers, this is an example of:
supplementary fit
When a company hired Marcus who turned out to be a poor performer, which assessment outcome occurred?
false positive
When a company rejected Sara, who would have been a poor performer on the job, which assessment outcome occurred?
true negative
Contingent assessments are used when:
the firm is narrowing down candidates for a post.
Which of the following is a type of cognitive ability test?
mathematical reasoning
The biggest legal problem with personality tests is based on:
privacy issues
Job seekers often rate ____ as the most job-related selection procedure.
Asking a candidate during an interview to indicate how she would respond to an irate customer is an example of which external assessment method?
situational interview
Showing customers a short video and asking them to choose one of five responses is an example of which external assessment method?
situational judgment test
Graphology includes any practice that involves determining personality traits or abilities from a person’s:
When should medical tests be administered?
after a job offer has been extended
Internal assessment typically improves a firm’s strategic capabilities by:
assisting “blocked” employees to improve their performance
An additional ethical issue involves the _____ of an employee’s application for another position in the company.
External customers are often best for evaluating an employee’s:
interpersonal behaviors
RBC Electronics is a retailer of electronic appliances. If Sandy does not see or understand the work process and rules that influence RBC employees’ task behaviors and has limited knowledge of the regulations, policies, and resources that affect employees’ behavior, then Sandy is most likely a:
external customer
Having administrative assistant job candidates perform a set of exercises including taking phone messages, typing reports, scheduling meetings, and filing is an example of a:
assessment center
A nine box matrix requires assessing employees on:
current job performance and future potential
The ongoing process of systematically identifying, assessing and developing organizational leadership to enhance performance is:
succession management
_____ is used to reenergize employees and give them the opportunity to develop skills and pursue other interests via workshops, formal classes, or travel.
The first stage of the socialization process is:
Processing a new employee’s employment-related paperwork, acquiring necessary keys and identification cards, and establishing an e-mail account for them is part of:
Denise, the human resource manager of a manufacturing company found that the company’s socialization process was too overwhelming for new hires. It consisted of presentations, meetings, and seminars packed into the first week of joining the company. She decided to switch into a(n) ______ approach to socializing so that new employees did not suffer from information overload.
A socialization program that requires new hires to “pass” different stages of socialization or be removed from the organization is a:
tournament program
The Wolverines are a leading university soccer team. All new recruits to the team must go through certain “rites of passage” which include shaving their heads, swimming in cold water, getting a tattoo of the team’s emblem, and other tests of servitude and obedience. This is an example of:
divestiture socialization
Indirect staffing costs:
can be more significant than the direct costs but are more difficult to measure.
______ is a direct cost of staffing.
Lower productivity
Measurable factors critical to the firm’s success and long- and short-term goals are:
key performance indicators.
Information that is available only after staffing decisions have been made constitutes a:
lagging indicator.
In terms of evaluating staffing systems, lower applicant quality is a:
leading indicator.
In the selection procedure of a firm, an applicant must obtain a minimum passing score on two different assessment methods before being allowed to continue in the hiring process. What type of assessment plan is being used?
multiple hurdles
Averaging candidates’ scores from an interview, job knowledge test, and work simulation to derive a summary score to use in comparing candidates is an example of:
unit weighting
Which of the following would enable a firm to hire the fastest?
hiring the first candidate who exceeds a minimum cut score
Which of the following, if true, would result in a new hire to a company getting paid less than existing employees?
The company wishes to preserve internal equity.
Don is a high-ranking manager in an advertising firm. He was recently offered a job with higher pay and more lucrative benefits by a rival firm. On coming to know about this, Don’s employers decided to make him a _____ matching the offer from their rival firm.
To be enforceable, any contract that cannot be performed or fulfilled within ____ must be in writing under the statute of frauds.
twelve months
Which of the following is true of a maximum job offer?
It can be a low, competitive, or high offer.
The bargained-for exchange between the contract parties is known as:
A non solicitation agreement is a type of:
restrictive convenant
Rejecting a candidate badly at the end of a long hiring process results in:
negative spillover effects
To successfully negotiate a job offer it is important to:
focus on the things that matter to the finalist
Backing out of an employment contract after the job offer is accepted is called:
Interacting with recruiters and future coworkers during the hiring process is the ____ phase of the socialization process.
Who usually has overall responsibility for conducting socialization programs?
human resources
After a wave of retirements, new employees hired to replace the retirees are likely to experience what type of socialization?
____ has been found to enhance new hires’ loyalty and reduce their turnover.
Socializing new employees as a group
Socialization programs putting newcomers through a common set of experiences as a group rather than individually are called:
collective programs
When a call center fires an employee who cannot meet her call volume goals, which of the following types of turnover has occurred?
A layoff is an example of which type of turnover?
Asking a departing employee why he or she is leaving the firm is a:
exit interview
What is optimal turnover?
It produces the highest level of long-term business improvement.
Which of the following are generally well received by employees?
buyout incentives
When IBM extensively trains employees in processes and procedures that are unique to the company, it is creating:
mobility barriers
Workforce redeployment applies the ____ principles used to optimize inventory management, planning, and production to optimize the utilization of a firm’s employees.
supply chain
Moving employees to other parts of the company or to other jobs the company needs filled to match its workforce with its talent needs is:
workforce redeployment
Which of the following is true about downsizing?
It can improve shareholders’ return.
Which of the following, if implemented, would reduce the number of low quality workers in a firm?
performance-based downsizing
Which of the following refers to the process of analyzing a hiring system to determine its performance and effectiveness?
staffing evaluation
If a company identifies and tracks underrepresented candidates and employees and leverages the sources from which they were recruited, which of the following is most likely to be the company’s key performance indicator?
diversifying its workforce
Which of the following are both a leading and a lagging indicator of staffing outcomes?
number of applicants per position
Which of the following is a leading indicator of staffing outcomes?
fewer applications per position
Which of the following is a long-term staffing metric?
employee job success measured by recruiting source and recruiter
____ refers to job performance as well as the new hire’s fit with his or her work group, unit, and organization, and the degree to which his or her values are consistent with the company’s culture and values.
Job success
The _____ reflects whether the company hired the people it set out to as defined by hiring manager’s predetermined job performance requirements.
quality of hire