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How long are the Florida Keys? Ans:106 Miles 2. Name the ten keys highlighted at this site. Ans:Key Largo, Islamorada, Long Key, Key West, Marathon, Big Pine, Tavernier, Grassy Key, Bahia Honda, Little Torch Key 3. Which key is known as the diving capital of the world? Ans:Key Largo is known as the driving capital of the world 4. Briefly describe the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo. Ans: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a spectacular underwater park. There is a nature trail inside the park.

In the parks visitors center you are introduced to the underwater beauty of sea life 5. Describe parasailing. Explain what determines how high a rider can go. In one sentence, explain if and why you would like to try it. Ans:Parasailing involves the use of a parachute and a boat. The elevation of the rider is controlled by the speed of the boat and the amount of cable. I wouldn’t try parasailing because I’m scared of heights 6. What are the three sections of the Florida Keys? Ans:Upper Keys, Middle Keys, and Lower Keys 7. Identify the key whose name means “purple isle. ” Ans:Islamorada 8.

List the key known as the sport fishing capital of the world. Ans:Islamorada 9. What part of Florida is known as the backcountry? Ans:Florida Bay 10. Name the largest U. S. park east of the Rocky Mountains. When and why was this park established? Ans:Everglades National Park is the largest U. S. park east of the Rocky Mountain. It was established in 1947” to preserve the primitive conditions” of certain wetlands extending from the Florida mainland 11. List some activities available in Everglades National Park. Ans:Ranger-led walks and talks. Boat tours. Hiking, biking and canoe trails. Back country camping and fishing 2. What was Tavernier Key used for in the eighteenth century? Ans:Wrecker used it as their base during the day, but at night they searched its reef for valuable goods from ships that had urn aground and sank

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13. Which key is both smaller and less developed than its neighbors, and what is its best asset? Ans:Long Key is the smaller and less developed than its neighbors. Its best asset is that it offers seclusion and ready access to activities on neighboring keys. 14. Name the first and second longest bridges in the Florida Keys. Ans:The longest bridge is the 7-mile bridge; Long Key bridge is second 5. How did Marathon get its name? Ans: Helping to build the tracks for a railroad in the middle of the keys, a worker commented that the job was a marathon 16. How many bridges connect the Florida Keys? Ans:42 17. Which bridge appeared in the movie True Lies? Ans:7 mile bridge 18. What is a botel? Ans:a floating motel room with dockage for a guest’s boat 19. In addition to Marathon, which other key has a commercial airport? Ans:Key West 20. What are the tiny, white-tailed deer on Big Pine Key called? Ans:Key Deer 21. What attraction does Looe Key National Marine Sanctuary have for tourists?

Ans:People think it is the most spectacular coral reef in the Lower Keys. People enjoy snorkeling, skin diving, fishing, and boating. 22. What two corals does the article about the sanctuary mention? Ans:elkorn coral and massive star coral 23. How did Little Torch Key get its name? Ans:It was named after the torchwood tree 24. Which key is known in Spanish as Cayo Hueso? What does the name mean, and how did the key get this name? Ans:Key West is known in Spanish as Cayo Hueso, Which means “ island of bones” Spanish explorers gave the key this name because they found the skeletal remains of Indians there 25. How far is Key West from Cuba?

Ans:90 miles 26. What role did Key West serve before Fidel Castro came to power? Ans:it was a stopping for travelers between the United States and Cuba 27. What are some attractions of Duval Street? Ans:Sloppy Joes, Dival Street extends into art distract 28. Briefly describe the Hemingway Days Festival. Ans:The festival is in honor of Ernest Hernigway, who once lived in Key West. It includes a Hemingway look-alike contest 29. What happens during Sunset Fest? Ans:Every night people watch the sunset while being entertained by musicians and carnival acts 30. How do the locals refer to the Florida Keys and Key West? Ans:Paradise

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