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Provide a rational for a promotional campaign. MM Explain the rationale for the campaign you have just created such as why you chose that specific promotional mix, timing, cost, media mix etc and why it is expected to achieve its goals. For this task you are required to explain and Justify why you have created your campaign (for Task UP) as you have. I suggest you do this one factor at a time*. Your response should be written in sentences and paragraphs. Factor Justify its use Promotional Mix Why have you chosen the specific type of promotion that you have?

What are Its advantages over other types of promotion? Do you foresee any problems of using this type of promotion? How can these be overcome? Timing Why have chosen the specific times for your campaign/promotion? Why is this time most appropriate? What other times did you consider? Why were these discounted? Media Mix Why have you chosen the specific forms of media will be used within your campaign? Why Is this? What forms of media were considered but discounted? Why were they discounted? Budget Justify the cost of your campaign - why does it cost what it does? Could these costs be reduced?

The advert is trying Your next paragraph with demonstration analysis. This will be the flirt half of your analysis that will focus on the success of the campaign (Analysis +). You will need to research how the campaign might have helped the business achieve its aims. Image, profits, sales etc? For each 'success' you may wish to use PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain). The campaign has helped this business In many ways. 1 OFF their aims by.... Another way that it has helped the business is This has helped them achieve their aims by......... The third paragraph will also be analysis.

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However here you will focus on any repacks of the campaign (Analysis -). Again, we will need to research this using the internet any negatives that might be associated with the advert. Image, profits, sales etc? For each 'drawback you may wish to use PEE (Point, Evidence, Explain). Unfortunately the campaign also caused some drawbacks. The first drawback caused was... PEE.. This may have prevented them from achieving their aims by..... The second drawback caused was... PEE.... This may have prevented them from achieving their aims by..... Your final paragraph will be a support Judgment - your evaluation.

From your all of our research and the analysis you have completed was the campaign a success or failure overall? How much of a success or failure? Why? Use the word 'because' to back up and Justify any Judgments you make. Overall I have found that the campaign was a success/failure. The first reason for this Furthermore......... Because, because, because....!! Make sure you apply your answer directly to your business and the campaign you have chosen. Use words like moreover, firstly, secondly, furthermore, to compare, I have found, in contrast, to conclude, to summaries, as my research shows...... If you are uncertain, please see Mr. Quarto.

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