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Boy and Man Convicted of Stealing John Trenchard and Elzevir Block, tricked into jail by false honesty By: Sierra Volpe John Trenchard, now 29 years of age, was sentenced to jail for life when he was tricked into false identity along with Elzevir Block, now dead. According to Sir Aldobrand, old merchant, John and Elzevir were attempting to steal a very gracious diamond that John claimed to be “his”.

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John and Elzevir went on a great, long heroic journey in order to find Blackbeard’s treasure. They went from being wanted of false murder, to being rich with Blackbeard’s, said to be “cursed”, diamond, then to being wanted again and sentenced to life. Fifteen to fourteen years ago, John was at Elzevir’s side while he was about to kill Magistrate Maskew on the undercliff of Moonfleet Bay.A few gun shots went off and Maskew got shot in head and John got shot in the foot which caused a break in his leg, forcing him through tough struggle’s like trying to walk up the Zig-Zag, being disguised as sailors to get to England and to Sir Aldorand, and stayed in the cave where they found kind of a clue of how to get to their next destination: the castle.According to my research it was said that John was being carried down the well in the castle and exactly 80 feet into the well they found the “cursed” diamond. So I just proved to you, with all the imformation from Detective Lucas, that John and Elzevir were NOT guilty.

Aldobrand clearly lied and tricked the judge into sentencing them to jail just so he could have the diamond all to himself.