Modest proposal

Writing that ridicules or holds contempt ghe faults of individuals or groups. It is often humerous, but also serves the purpose of correcting flaws and short comings.
What dies the word modest mean
Means unassertive
After reading the opening of the text what problems in Irish society seems to be the biggest concern to Jonathan swift?
The desperate state of beggars
Parents cannot support their kids
There was an overpopulation problem- people kept having kids in a country that was already poor
What is the term swift uses to refer to mothers?
Dams (female animal)
What term does he use to refer to parents that have children?
For what purpose does swift include the use of so many statistics? In other words what overall affect do you think he is trying to achieve?
He is trying to point out the fact that numbers do not lie this is a real issue
He says the whole speech about 1.2 million people
200,000 breeder
30,000 couples that can actually maintain and afford the expenses of their children
50,000 miscarriages/ children that weren’t born before the first year
120,000 babies born every year that parents can’t provide for
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Finish the sentence: “I am assured by our merchants that a boy or girl before twelve years old is no….
Saleable commodity
(A product bought or sold)
Briefly describe in your own words swifts plan for e children of ireland
He plans on having them eat the children after getting the children really fat
What secondary purpose will the children serve?
The skin of the children will be used to make gloves for the women and boots for the men
Section 2
What arguments does swift present when he includes the 12 to 14 year olds in his plan
1) the flesh of them is too tough and lean and fattening them wouldn’t help
2)some people might regard it as cruelty
3) they wouldn’t taste good like the younger children would
He proposes six advantages to this plan. Paraphrase the advantages
1) the Roman Catholics are the main reason for the overpopulation problem because they didn’t believe in contraception
2) these poor tenants will now be able to pay for rent and other things
3) it’s going to boost the economy
4) they don’t have to raise kids after the first year
5) baby food is going to be considered a delicacy found only in Ireland
6) great incentive to get married. It is also going to make men be nicer to their wives and not abuse them for fear of miscarriage
What is a Papist?
Another word for
What do you think the true meaning of swifts statement that the carcasses of the Irish children “will be sold somewhat cheaper” in “the rest if the kingdom”?
Not going to be sold for as much in England because they are not as bad off as the Irish, therefore they don’t value the lives of the Irish as much.
Why does the speaker mention that he has no children of his own that he could sell at the end of the essay?
To show that he cannot benefit from it and he is doing these things for the good of Ireland.

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