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Mobile Ip

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Checkpoint - Current State of Mobile IP Lori J. Babler IT241 September 29, 2011 Richard Pierce Checkpoint - Current State of Mobile IP After completing some internet research on Mobile IP, I discovered that it is currently being used in situations where a Mobile Network is required. A Mobile Network is a completely wireless network in which its devices are continuously moving and never really in one particular place. A completely Mobile Network requires that the devices within it have two simultaneous IP Addresses one of which is used for local networking off of the local router and another which is used when roaming into other networks.

The obvious advantage to this technology is that mobile devices can have continuous connection with the internet or a mobile network without any interruption of service. The disadvantage that I felt was important is that the foreign IP address hosts must be configured as such (GANGULY, 2009). I feel that what is holding Mobile IP back is the fact that this technology is not seen by the user it isn’t knowledge to the user. Only the network administrators or engineers are aware of the configuration required to implement this technology.

I also feel that because the foreign IP Hosts require configuration to become Mobile IP that there is a lapse in its popularity. Another strong reason is that the technology is still being perfected (GANGULY, 2009) and once that occurs I feel it will boom. I do think that this technology will become a standard for mobile computing eventually but just as with all technology, society needs to catch up with it first. Reference GANGULY, K. (2009). The Study of Mobile IP Retrieved from www. cs. wichita. edu/~chang/lecture/cs843/project/... /kg-mobile_ip. do...

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Mobile Ip

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