MN Cosmetology Manager Test

Board of cosmetologist Examiners
the practice of personal services, for compensation, for the cosmetic care of the hair, nails, and skin. These services include cleaning, conditioning, shaping, reinforcing, coloring, and enhancing the body surface in the areas of the head, scalp, face, arms, hands, legs, feet, and trunk of the body, except where these services are performed by a barber under sections…….
any person who, for compensation, performs the personal services as defined in “cosmetology”
any person, who, for compensation, performs personal services for the cosmetic care of the skin only
Licensed practice
the practice of cosmetology in a licensed salon or the practice of an esthetician in connection with medical care in relation to esthiology in the office of a licensed physician
any person who, for compensation, performs personal services for the cosmetic care of the hands, feet, and nails only.
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any person who conducts, operates, or manages a cosmetology school or salon and who also instructs in or provides any services, as defined in “cosmetology”. A school manager must maintain an active salon manager’s license.
an area, room, or rooms employed to offer personal services, as defined in “cosmetology”. It does not include the home of a customer but the board may adopt health and sanitation rules governing practice in the homes of customers
a place where any person operates and maintains a class to teach cosmetology to the public for compensation. it doesn’t include a place where the only teaching of cosmetology is done by a licensed cosmetologist as part of a community education program of less than 10 hours duration, provided that the program doesnt permit practice on persons other than students in the program, and provided that the program is intended solely for the self-improvement of the students and not as preparation for professional practice
any person employed by a school to prepare and present the theoretical and practical education of cosmetology to persons who seek to practice cosmetology. Must maintain an active operator or manager’s license in the area in which the instructor holds an instructors license
may extend and be applied to bodies politic and corporate, and to partnership and other unincorporated associations.
Administration: Board’s Powers and duties
necessary for the administration provisions chapter
Administration: Hiring and assignment of employees
qualified personnel in the classified service to assist in administering the law, including those for testing and licensing of applicants and the continuing inspections required. All staff must receive periodic training to improve and maintain customer service skills
Administration: Feedback
board must provide access on its web site for customers to provide this on interaction with he board and staff, info posted to the web site by customers must be readily accessible to the public. Board must also record each complaint it receives, response, and time elapsed in responding to and resolving each complaint.
Administration: Report
board must report by Jan. 15 each year to the standing committees of the house of representatives and the senate having jurisdiction over the board on its customer service training and its complaint resolution activities
What is the duration of a license?
3 years
Fees for cosmo, nail tech, esthi initial license and renewal
1) $90 each initial with $40 nonrefundable initial fee = $130
2) $60 each renewal and $15 nonrefundable app fee = $75
Fee for instructor or manager license and renewal
1) $120 initial with $40 nonrefundable initial fee
2) $90 renewal with $15 nonrefundable app fee
Fee for salon license and renewal
1) $130 initial with $100 nonrefundable initial fee
2) $100 renewal with $50 nonrefundable fee
Fee for school license and renewal
1) $1500 initial with $1000 initial fee
2) $1500 renewal with $500 fee
Fee for manager and owner with lapsed practitioner
$150 each
Fee for lapsed practitioner or instructor
Fee for lapsed salon
Fee for lapsed school
fee for failure to display current license
fee for Failure to dispose of single use equipment
fee for use of prohibited razors, etc
Fee for Performing nail tech or cosmetology in esthetician salon or performing esthetician or cosmetology in nail tech salon
fee for owner and manager allowing operator to work as independent contractor
fee for operator working as independent contractor
fee for refusal to cooperate with inspection
fee for expired cosmetologist, nail tech, esthi, manager, or school manager, and instructor
fee for expired salon or school license
fee for certificate of identification
fee for name change
fee for letter of license verification
fee for duplicate license
fee for license processing fee
fee for special event permit
fee for registration of hair braiders
Where are all fees paid to and where are they deposited
1) executive secretary of the board
2) state treasury
Are refunds ever given?
yes. overpayment; death or permanent disability before effective date of a license; or an individual’s ineligibility for licensure.
Those determined inelegible will not be refunded any processing fee or app fee required
When does an individual license expire
on the last day of the licensee’s birth month of the year due
When do salon and school licenses expire?
on the last day of the month of initial licensure of the year due
All theory, practical, and MN law and rule testing must be done by whom?
board-approved provider
What is the primary consideration of testing?
safeguard the health and safety of the consumers by determining the competency of the applicants to provide the services indicated
same/greater school hour Nonresident licenses
may be licensed in MN if the individual has completed cosmetology school in a state or country with the same or greater school hour requirements, active license in that state, passed a board approved theory and practice-based exam,the MN specific written operator exam for cosm, nail, esthi. must not be issued this way for managers or instructors.
less than MN school hours nonresident licenses
individual must have had a current active license in another state or country for at least three years and have passed a board-approved theory and practice based exam, or the MN specific written operator exam for cosmo, nail, esthi. must not be issued this way for managers or instructors
Continuing education requirements
to qualify for renewal for cosmo, esthi, nail tedh, or salon manager, the applicant must complete 4 CREDIT hours of continuing education credits from an accredited school or a professional association of cosmetology during the three years prior to the applicants renewal.
Credit hours required for continuing ed
1) instruction pertaining to state laws and rules governing the practice of cosmetology
2,3,4) instruction pertaining to health, safety, and sanitation matters consistent with the US depart of labors occupational safety and health admin standards applicable to the practice of coso, or other applicable federal health,sanitation, and safety standards, and must be regularly updated so as to incorporate newly developed standards and accepted professional best practices.
does not apply to instructors or inactive licenses
Where to acquire your credits
only a board-licensed school of cosmetology, postsecondary , or board-recognized professional association may offer continuing ed curriculum. may offer online and independent study options
Proof of credits
school shall provide receipt to prove completion. Licensees shall retain proof of their continuing education credits for one year beyond the credit’s expiration. school shall retain documentation of all completions at least 5 years.
Audits for continuing ed credits
the board shall conduct random audits of active licensees periodically to ensure compliance with cont. ed requirements. to initiate an audit, the board shall notify an active licensee of the audit and request proof of credits earned during a specified period. licensee must provide requested proof to board within 30 days of audit notice. if you fail, revocation of license and may be deemed lapsed practitioner = misdemeanor
salon professional liability insurance coverage
$25000 per claim and $50,000 total coverage for each policy year for each operator
Instruction may be offered no more than _____ hours per day per student
“special event services”
services rendered for compensation and performed at a location other than a licensed salon: practice of nonpermanent manipulation of the hair. to be eligible for the permit must have valid manager’s license
Health and sanitary standards of salons
shall not be located in a room used for residential purposes. If salon is in residence of person practicing cosmetology, the rooms used for the practice of cosmetology shall be completely partitioned off from the living quarters. salon may be inspected as often as board deems necessary.
Where must every holder of license be displayed
conspicuous place in place of business
any written or graphic representation designed to elicit enrollment or the sale of goods or services and includes signs, displays, circulars, brochures, and recruitment materials
free from all soil and dirt, washed with soap or detergent and hot water
Communicable disease
contagious or infectious disease or condition
monetary or nonmonetary remuneration for services
physical location or area in a salon that is primarily where cosmetology supplies, products, or chemicals are prepared, measured, mixed, or disposed of
a signed, notarized statement attesting the truth of the facts stated in it
written proof
good repair
an item is clean, with no holes, frayed wires, or teas in coverings, and fully operational for the purpose intended
simple braiding devices
clips, combs, curlers, curling irons, hairpins, rollers, scissors, needles, and thread
personnel of the board of cosmetologist examiners
unregulated services
those services not defined as the practice of cosmetology under mn statutes and which are exempt from regulation by the board. includes: ear piercing, body wrapping, permanent depilation, tattooing, tanning, personal services incidental to performance in theatrical or musical productions or media appearances; any personal services performed incidental to mortuary practice; massage services; and hair braiding services.
if unregulated services are offered where and what does the sign look like
conspicuously posted in reception area. lettering at least one inch high and shall state: “unregulated services offered by (salon name) are not regulated by the state of MN
all violations cited by board staff shall be corrected w/in how many days
10 days and written notification of correction shall be sent to the board within that time
report availability notice looks like what and is located where
How long do you have to notify the board of a name change or address?
30 days and pay the duplicate license fee ($20)
you must provide how many hours at any time w/in 3 yrs prior to license expiration, or _______ hours acquired through regular weekly experience w/in each of last 3 years or have successfully completed __________ of at least ____hours for renewal?
1) 1800
2) 400
3)refresher course
4) 40
an instructor shall pay the processing fee and shall provide evidence of having successfully completed _____hrs of continuing education w/in 3 years before expiration. Including ____ hrs of teaching related material and _______ hrs related to analysis and use of professional clinical products?
Inactive license
applicant who has ceased all practice of cosmetology and who wishes to receive an inactive license shall meet the requirements of the app fee and license fee. this license shall not authorize any individual to engage in the practice of cosmetology.
Salon application requirements
a: name of salon, address, names, addresses, and phone numbers of all owners of sole proprietorships or partnerships and controlling officers of corporations
b: notarized signatures of the owners, etc
c: days of the week and hours which the salon will be open
d: evidence of compliance with local zoning requirements,building codes, rules of MN dept. of health and state fire marshall if no local fire codes exist
e: floor plan of salon, drawn to scale on 8.5″x11″ or 8.5″x14″ paper, providing dimensions of the salon as a whole and designating the size and location of all entrances and exits, and indicating the location and dimensions of all required areas, facilities, and equipment.
failure to renew=delinquent salon license. what happens?
license must be renewed w/in 30 days. if <30days have elapsed since expiration date of license the applicant shall submit a written request for renewal of license, the fee, and the processing fee. If >30 days have elapsed, the salon shall cease operation until a new salon app has been submitted and a provisional license has been issued
When would a salon license terminate? How many days do you have to apply for the new license?
change of ownership or location
upon change, the owner has 60 days to apply for and receive a new salon license
If there is a salon name change how many days do you have to notify the board?
60 days: license will be issued in new name for remaining term of old license. old license shall be returned upon receipt of license in new name
there shall be ____sq ft of work space exclusive of any restroom, reception, or supply area for a one practitioner cosmo salon, ______ sq ft of work space for a one practitioner esthi salon, and ____ sq. ft of work space for a one practitioner nail tech salon.
1: 120
how many addt’l sq ft of work space is needed for each addt’l licensee simultaneously on duty in a:
2) esthi
3)Nail tech
1) 50
Is carpet an ok floor covering?
No, unless it is commercial grade carpet
How many electrical outlets per work station
at least one
Plumbing; water supply
clean, hot, and sanitary running water in work area, dispensary area, and toilet facilities
lighting and electricity
direct lighting to all work areas; clean and dust free
toilet facilities
should be provided on its premises or in an adjacent common area, which are not used for any unrelated purpose such as storage or as a dispensary. shall be clean and sanitary and contain, at a min. a commode, lavatory, soap dispenser, single service towels, and waste basket. door shall be kept closed at all times
What is the requirement for furniture in the service area?
washable covering or finish. kept clean and in good repair at all times
waste receptacle requirements
one per station. emptied at least daily. plastic liner or washed daily.
one large covered container with same requirements
soiled linen requirements
one container exclusively for these. kept closed at all times. must comply with local fire codes.
where is clean linen stored?
storage cabinets or containers. tight fitting closable doors or covers, which shall be kept closed
Supply storage
storage space for all of these. those that are caustic or harmful shall be conspicuously labeled and kept inaccessible to clients
how many fire extinguishers per salon?
at least one readily accessible. all employees shall know the location and how to use it.
where are mn statutes and rules located?
current copy centrally located and made available to all salon personnel
what must be cleaned and disinfected before each use?
scissors, razors, clipper blades, tweezers, cutting tools, reusable esthetic and manicure instruments, combs, brushes, and brush rollers
all instruments and items shall be _________ before disinfecting?
washed in hot water with soap and hair and debris removed
what must be cleaned and disinfected at a min. of once per week?
rollers, pins, clippies, hairnets
all fluids, semifluids, creams, and powders are kept in what and dispensed how?
clean covered containers, clean disinfected spatula or shaker, pump, or spray dispenser
Do all bottles and containers need to be correctly and clearly labeled to disclose their contents?
how often are permanent wave rods and supplies washed thoroughly and where are they stored?
after each use. clean, closed containers or covered by a clean towel when not in use
where are electrical tools and implements kept?
stands or hangers or stored properly when not in use
what is the rule on extension cords?
one 6-foot grounded may be used if necessary with the implement in use. shall not extend beyond the area of the work station
clean towels, robes, and linen shall be stored where? What must the cabinet be made of?
clean, closed cabinet until use. solid, completely closed material
disinfected capes, aprons, and robes may be hung to dry where?
area of salon that is not within 5 ft of any work station or customer servicing area.
all soiled towels and linens shall be laundered commercially, or in washing machines with laundry detergent using water of a temperature of at least _________
160 degrees farenheit
is there an alternative to laundering aprons and capes?
Yes, those made of solid, nonwoven plastic may be disinfected on all sides with a disinfectant
licenses of salon personnel are posted where and what must be visible on the license?
conspicuously posted in reception area or each licensee’s assigned work station. Name and town. if at reception area, name shall be posted at work station
who is responsible for assuring that all licenses are current and renewed?
owner and manager
How many managers per salon
only one person. No manager may be concurrently responsible for more than one salon unless the salons are under same ownership and all located in same complex which is designated as an assisted-living care facility. Manager not on duty? responsible person with manager’s license will be designated.
the manager, owner, and whom shall ensure that no unlicensed individual provides any cosmetology service in the salon?
responsible person
What is a certificate of identification?
a licensee can perform lawful practice in a place other than a licensed salon.
What do you need to obtain a Certificate of identification?
current license, 2700 hrs. practice, current employment, services only provided in health care facility or residence of homebound individual
Where is a certificate of identification located?
remains with the salon at all times except when work is actually being performed outside the shop.