MLA Formatting

Tells readers where your information came from.
Why use MLA?
Gives credit to the writer/agency/etc
When is citation needed?
When you summarize, quote, or paraphrase a text.
A summary includes the thesis and the main points of a text, rewritten in your own words.
Why use a summary?
It is shorter than the original text
What is paraphrasing?
Restates the texts idea in about the same number of words as the original text.
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Direct quote
Takes the original text word for word using quotations
Citation rule 1
All three types of information must be cited. ( summary, paraphrasing, quotes
Citation rule 2
Most research should have a signal phrase
Citation rule 3
In MLA format all research must have the same in text citation
Citation rule 4
All research should have an explanation tying it to your argument
What is a Signal phrase
Introduces your quote, paraphrase, or summary.
Signal phrase also called
A “lead in”
Where is a signal phrase found
Sometimes in middle, or at the end of a sentence
Signal phrase can include
Author, and title
Length of quote or paraphrase / short paper
No more than 4 lines
Length of quote or paraphrase / long paper
Format in block quotes
Shorten a quote
Use ellipses ( … )
Shorten a quote / jumping sentences
( …. ) use 4
Clarify within a quote
Use brackets [ quote ]
In text citation rule
Include the authors last name, the page number, (Author #).
Where does the period go in in-text citations
(Citation). After the parenthesis
What if the authors name shows up in signal phrase
Do not use authors name in in-text citation
What if there is no page number
Do not use one if there is none ( common with web pages )
What if there is no author
Include the name of the article
Comes after the quote or paraphrase
How long should the explanation/paraphrase be
Equal or longer than text quoted
Wha does the explanation/analysis do
Connects reader to topic and/or thesis agreement, answer the question WHY
In-text citations should include
Signal phrase, quote/paraphrase, in-text citation, explanation/analysis