MLA format and in-text citations

What font?
times new roman
What is the header?
Name space page number in top right hand corner of paper
What size font?
How should a heading look?
What is the order of a date?
day month year (NO COMMAS)
12 June 2011
should be just under the heading (no extra spaces)
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there should be no extra space between paragraphs
1 inch
what is a works cited page?
sources used in the paper
In-text citation for a direct quote?
(Author page)
Using a signal phrase and the corresponding in-text citation?
Mention the authors name in the sentence before the quote and the citation should only contain the page number > (page)
How to paraphrase in your essay…
put what you have read in your own words then put author’s last name and page number in () w/ period afterwards.
Quotation marks are used to…
enclose quotes from your sources
Brackets are used to…
insert a word of clarification OR punctuate a short story, poem, article or other small work
Ellipsis point are used to…
omit words from a quote
indicates a grammatical error original with the source
Italics are used to…
set off names of books, websites, magazines and other large pieces of work
In-text citations are used when?
Whether summarizing, paraphrasing or quoting
What name(s) do you use when mentioning an author the first time?
Full name
The next time the author is mentioned use his/her..
last name
Which sources should be listed in your Works Cited page?
The ones you actually used (quoted, paraphrased or summarized from)
What order are sources on Works Cited sheet placed in?
alphabetical by author’s last name or title
What is a disembodied quote?
A quote that is standing alone with no “tag” or text atttached.
A quote that exceeds four typed lines should be changed to a..
block quote
Block quotes have 3 special treatments…
1) no quotations 2) indented one inch 3) period goes before citation
MLA stands for…
Modern Language Association
What other documentation styles exist?
APA, ASA, Chicago Style, ACS
the type of indention used on a Works Cited page
hanging indent
Normally, the period would go before or after a citation?
What is a signal phrase?
Introduces the quote, giving credit to the author and/or title of the source
How to cite an indirect quote?
(qtd. in author). – Make sure the author of the indirect source is mentioned in the signal phrase
When no author is available, what should be used in the citation?
shortened title
When quoting a sentence with quotation marks already present, change those quotation marks to what?
a single mark ‘
When do you reverse the names of the authors in a MLA documented research paper
The ONLY one reversed is the first one listed on the Works Cited sheet (for purposes of alphabetizing.)
What does a standard citation for one author look like?
(author page)
What does a standard citation for two authors look like?
(author and author page)
What does a standard citation for three authors look like?
(author, author, and author page)
What does a standard citation for four or more authors look like?
(author et al. page)
Book names are set off with what?
When creating a citation for a source with no author, what should be placed in the citation?
(“shortened title”)
Under what circumstances would a quote have no citation directly after it?
If the author is named in the sentence and there is no page number.
n.p. stands for…
no publisher or sponsor found
n.d. stands for…
no date of publication or date of website update
Each works cited entry ends with what?
a period
Each citation in the paper should have…
a matching works cited entry
The title “Works Cited” as well as the title of your paper should be….
the same font as the rest of the essay, not bolded, underlined, italicized or put in quotation marks. They should be CENTERED.
et al. stand for
and others
true or false: If the author is named in the sentence, the name should be repeated in the citation
true or false: Don’t quote too much
What punctuation mark should be used after a complete sentence to introduce a quote?
a colon :