MKTG Chapter 14

direct and digital marketing
engaging directly with carefully targeted individual consumers and customer communities to both obtain an immediate response and build lasting customer relationships
digital and social media marketing
using digital marketing tools such as Web sites, social media, mobile apps and ads, online video, e-mail, and blogs that engage consumers anywhere, anytime via their digital devices-changed customers notions of convenience, speed, price, product information, service, and brand interactions
traditional direct marketing
face-to-face selling
direct-mail marketing
catalog marketing
direct-response tv marketing
kioski marketing
multi channel marketing
marketing both through stores and other traditional offline channels and through digital, online, social media, and mobile channels: using both traditional and digital marketing channels
online marketing
marketing via the internet using company websites, online ads and promotions, e-mail, online video, and blogs
marketing web site
a Web site that interacts with consumers to move them closer to a direct purchase or other marketing outcome
brand community web site
a web site that presents brand content that engages consumers and creates customer community around a brand
online advertising
advertising that appears while consumers are browsing online, including display ads, search-related ads, online classifieds and other forms
e-mail marketing
sending highly targeted, highly personalized relationship-building marketing messages via e-mail
search-related ads
text-based ads and links appear alongside search engine results on sites such as Google, Yahoo!, and bing.
unsolicited unwanted commercial e-mail messages
permission-based e-mail marketing
sending e-mails pitches only to customers who choose what they want to get
viral marketing
the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing: videos, ads, and other marketing content that is so infectious that customers will seek it out or pass it along to friends
online journals where people and companies post their thoughts and other content, usually related to narrowly defined topics
social media
independent and commercial online communities where people congregate socialize and exchange views and information; targeted and personal, interactive, immediate and timely, cost effective, biggest advantage is engagement and social sharing capabilities
mobile marketing
marketing messages, promotions and other content delivered to on-the-go consumers though mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices
direct-mail marketing
marketing that occurs by sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item directly to a person at a particular address
catalog marketing
direct marketing through print, video, or digital catalogs that are mailed too select customers, made available in stores or presented online
using the telephone to sell directly to customers
outbound-sell directly to consumers and business
inbound-toll-free numbers to receive orders from television and print ads, direct mail, or catalogs
direct-response television marketing
direct marketing via telephone, including direct-response television advertising and interactive television advertising
interactive TV
lets viewers interact with television programming and advertising
kiosk marketing
product or service information and ordering machines placed by companies
public policy issues in direct and digital marketing
irritation, unfairness, deception, and fraud, consumer privacy, need for action
loud, long, and insistent tv commericals
taking unfair advantage of impulsive buyers
deception and fraud
investment scams, phony collections for charity, internet fraud, phishing, online and digital security, access by vulnerable or unauthorized groups
consumer privacy
fear of invasion of privacy- ready availability of information leaves consumers open to abuse
need for action
government actions: do not call, do not mail do not track lists
spam legislation
congressional legislation: give more control over use of online information
federal trade commission- policing online privacy

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