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Miss: 21st Century and Young People

Fashion is becoming more and more important to young people.However, some argue that this has negative impact on young people and on society.Do you agree or disagree?

In the 21st century, It is difficult to ignore the immense popularity of fashion, which could be found anywhere and everywhere, on the street, television, internet and magazines.

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Its influence have extended to younger consumers. However, some argue that this trend has an adverse effect on youngsters and even the whole society. Personally, I agree with this view to some extent.

Having appealing appearance help youngsters to express their individuality and build their confidence. Firstly, fashion is a form of art, which changes constantly and requires creativity. It inspires these young people to express their personality and taste in a unique way. Without fashion, they miss a sound opportunity of expressing themselves. Secondly, by wearing trendy clothing the way they like, youngsters may feel comfortable and pleasure; meanwhile, they are more likely to become attractive. As a result, their confidence level could be boosted.

This trend also benefits the whole society, namely, creating more job opportunities. Youngsters love for fashion, which is an integral part of their lives, produces numerous new job opportunities, related to fashion industry. For instance, a fashion magazine , called Seventeen, is published for young girls who love to keep up with the latest trend. This is helpful to relieve employment pressure, which is extremely severe in the economic recession.

Despite of this, it is undeniable that this trend may distract teenagers from study and generates the social problem of fashion bullying. Firstly, if teenagers involves themselves too much with fashion, they may find it difficult to concentrate on study because there is insufficient time for study. This is especially true for those student who are not good at time management. Secondly, youngsters may judge their friends based on their clothing, jewelry and hair style. Those students who look unfashionable may be isolated or even bullied. This damages their psychological development.

In conclusion, it is advantageous for youngsters to follow fashion; however, the disadvantages should not be ignored. The school and parents should guide young adult to view fashion in a appropriate way.

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