MIS180 Midterm 1-SDSU

Greg Provenzo owns and runs a Blockbuster video store. Greg is implementing a drive-thru rental process that is the same as you would find at a fast-food restaurant. Customers can pick-up and drop-off their videos without leaving their cars. Greg’s new system has become so popular that Videos Plus, a competitor down the street, is attempting to recreate Greg’s video drive-thru rental process. Greg’s system is an example of a _________.
First-mover advantage
Your boss, Ty Jacob, has asked you to analyze the music industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model. Which of the following represents the threat of substitute products or services in the music industry?
Game systems like Wii, social networks like Facebook.
What provides an example of data?
Who is customer number 12345XX?
Greg works for Geneva Steel Corporation. Greg’s duties include managing the overall processes for the company and transforming the steel resources into goods. Which department would Greg most likely work in?
Operations manager
Your boss, Kerry Miller, has asked you to analyze the soft-drink industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model. Which of the following represents rivalry in the soft-drink industry?
Coke and Pepsi submit bids to the owner of a football stadium for the exclusive sale of their products during games.
Your boss, Tom Repicci, has asked you to analyze the airline industry using Porter’s three generic strategies. Which of the following companies are using a focused strategy?
Sky Taxi-a rent by-the-hour personal plane service.
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MIS can be an important enabler of business success and innovation. Which of the following statements is accurate when referring to MIS?
MIS is a valuable tool that can leverage the talents of people who know how to use and manage it effectively.
Some industries’ competition is much more intense than others. Retail grocery stores such as Kroger, Safeway, and Albertson’s in the United States experience fierce competition and offer similar marketing campaigns to compete. What is this an example of in terms of Porter’s five forces?
Rivalry among existing competitors
Your boss, Kerry Miller, has asked you to analyze the soft-drink industry using Porter’s Five Forces Model. Which of the following represents a threat of a new entrant in the soft-drink industry?
Zevia Natural Diet Soda begins selling directly over the Internet
When evaluating the six-step decision making process, what occurs during the solution implementation step?
The process will begin again if the decisions made were incorrect.
What is the primary goal of the As-Is process model?
To simplify, eliminate, and improve the To-Be process.
FedEx is a great example of a company that created a competitive advantage through combining _______________.
MIS and traditional distribution and logistics processes.
When evaluating the six-step decision making process, what occurs during the problem identification step?
The problem is defined as clearly and precisely as possible.
An optimization analysis finds the optimum value for a target variable by repeatedly changing other variables, subject to specified constraints. What can a manager determine by changing revenue and cost variables in an optimization analysis?
Calculate the highest potential profits.
Which of the following is not considered a part of decision making at the managerial level?
Developing overall business goals and objectives.
Which of the following are the four common types of effectiveness MIS metrics?
Usability, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, financial
Which of the following is a challenge facing an ebusiness?
Increasing liabilities.
Internet marketers must develop ___________ to build strong relationships with customers to ensure loyalty.
Consumer trust.
Which ebusiness tool increases the speed of business by allowing the transfer of documents with the same speed as the telephone?
What do Netflix and Amazon use to drive their recommendation tools?
User-generated content
Which of the following is not a topic or feature that is included in Web 3.0?
Social networking
What is the primary way that social networks work?
Connecting people by matching profile information.
Cell phone manufacturers often refer to their products as mobile devices. Which of the following would not be included in the folksonomy for a cell phone?
Technology platform.
Which of the following is not an example of a social bookmarking website?
Which of the following demonstrates potential issues with Business 2.0 and information vandalism?
Open source allows anyone to be able to edit, damage, or destroy content.
M&M’s offers people the opportunity to order the candy in special colors or with customized sayings. How would you classify M&M’s ebusiness strategy?
Mass customization.
What is an Internet monitoring technique that captures keystrokes on their journey from the keyboard to the motherboard?
Hardware Key Logger.
Employees need to understand that email privacy exists to an extent and that corporate email is solely owned by _________.
The company.
What type of Internet monitoring technique records information about a customer during a web surfing session, such as what websites were visited and how long the visit was, what ads were viewed, and what was purchased?
Which of the following are all common forms of viruses?
Backdoor program, worm, Trojan-horse virus
Which of the following occurs when organizations use software that filters content, such as email, to prevent the accidental or malicious transmission of unauthorized information?
Content filtering.
Which of the following is not included as a common stipulation an organization would follow when creating an employee monitoring policy?
Do not state the consequences of violating the policy.
An MIS infrastructure is ___________ and ____________.
Dynamic and continually changing.
Cheap electricity is great for keeping business energy costs down, but this mean that we have to rely more on ____________ for power.
What charts the cost to the company of the unavailability of information and technology and the cost to the company of recovering from a disaster over time?
Disaster recovery cost curve.
A disaster recovery plan contains a _____________ that outlines the costs to support the plan.
Disaster recovery cost curve.
What is a challenge for cloud computing that could cause employee performance to decrease?
Required internet connectivity.
Which characteristics support an agile MIS infrastructure?
Accessibility, availability, maintainability, portability, reliability, scalability, usability
Which characteristics support a sustainable MIS infrastructure?
Grid computing, cloud computing and virtualization
What are core drivers of the information age?
Data, information, business intelligence and knowledge.
1. Justified true belief
2. Enables action
3. Intellectual assets such as patents and trademarks
4. Experience or info. that can be communicated or shared
5. The Mental Model we all form through experience, values and education
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
oversees all uses of IT and ensures the strategic alignment of IT with business goals and objectives
Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO)
responsible for collecting, maintaining, and distributing the organizations knowledge
Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
responsible for ensuring the ethical and legal use of information.
Chief Security Officer (CSO)
responsible for ensuring the security of IT systems
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
responsible for ensuring the throughput, speed, accuracy,availability and reliability of IT
Porter’s Five Forces Model
Threat of substitute products, buyer power, threat of new entrants and supplier power all come about from rivalry amongst existing competitors
The 6-Step Decision Making Process
1. Problem identification (not easy to do)
2. Data collection, collecting data on frequency
3. Solution generation
4. Solution test
5. Solution selection
6. Solution implementation
Operational Decision Making
employees develop, control and maintain core business activities required to run the day-to-day operations
Structured Decisions
Situations where established processes offer potential solutions
Managerial Decision Making
Employees evaluate company operations to identify, adapt to and leverage change
Semistructured Decisions
Occur in situations in which a few established processes help to evaluate potential solutions, but not enough to lead to definite recommended decision
Strategic Decision Making
Managers develop overall strategies, goals and objectives
Unstructured Decisions
Occurs in situations in which no procedures or rules exist to guide decision makers toward the correct choice
Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
create high-quality products
retain competitive advantages
reduce product costs
increase customer satisfaction
hire and retain the best professionals
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Turnover rates of employees
Number of product returns
Number of new customers
Average customer spending
Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
Manipulation of data-information to create business intelligence in support of strategic decision making
Four Quantitative Models Used by DSS include:
1. What-If analysis
2. Sensitivity analysis
3. Goal-seeking analysis
4. Optimization analysis
Five most common categories of artificial intelligence are:
1. Expert System-computerized advisory programs that imitate the reasoning processes of experts in solving difficult problems
2. Neural Network (ANN)- attempts to emulate the way the human brain works (fuzzy logic)
3. Genetic Algorith-artificial intelligent system that mimics the evolutionary, survival of the fittest process to generate increasingly better solutions to a problem (shopping bot)
4. Intelligent agent-special purpose knowledge-based information system that accomplishes specific tasks on behalf of its users
5. Virtual Reality-computer-simulated environment that can be a simulation of the real/imaginary world
Improves business process efficiencies by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps
Occur when resources reach full capacity and cannot handle any additional demands
EBusiness Advantages
Expanding global reach
Opening new markets
Reducing costs
Improving operations
Improving effectiveness
Mass Customization
The ability of an organization to tailor its products/services to the customer’s specifications (M&Ms)
Occurs when a company knows enough about a customers likes and dislikes that it can fashion offers more likely to appeal to that person
Clickstream data can reveal:
Number of page views
Pattern of websites visited
Length of stay on website
Data and time visited
Number of customers with shopping carts
Number of abandoned shopping carts
EBusiness Revenue Models
Advertising fees (google)
License fees (media downloads)
Subscription fees (consumer reports)
Transaction fees (credit card processing)
Value-added service fees (Telecomm)
Explicit Knowledge
Consists of anything that can be documented, archived, and codified, often with the help of IT
Tacit Knowledge
Knowledge contained in peoples heads
The wisdom of the crowd
-Asynchronous communication
-Synchronous communication