MIS chapter 6 Final

web content mining
is extracting textual information from Web documents
is a special-purpose information system designed to support organizational decision making primarily at the managerial level of an organization
digital dashboard
is a user interface visually representing summary information about a business’ health, often from multiple sources
expert system
is a special-purpose information system designed to mimic human expertise by manipulating knowledge (understanding acquired through experience and extensive learning) rather
are the values or numbers a user wants to analyze
social network analysis
is a technique that attempts to find groups of people who work together, to find people who don’t collaborate but should, or to find experts in particular subject areas.
master data
is the data that is deemed most important in the operation of a business
continuous planning process
A strategic business planning process involving continuous monitoring and adjusting of business processes to enable rapid reaction to changing business conditions is called the
is an information system designed to analyze and store spatially referenced data
data mining
is a set of applications used to find hidden predictive relationships in a data set.