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Rachel McAdams was raised in St. Thomas, Ontario. Get downing at the age of four, she competed in figure skating. By the age of 13, she was executing in Shakespearian productions in summer theatre cantonment.

In high school, McAdams intended to use to college to analyze cultural surveies, because analyzing theatre would be “a spot of a joke” . At the last minute, a play instructor encouraged her to try out to be a play major. She finally majored in theatre at York University and graduated with awards and a B.F.A. grade.

She began her professional on-screen calling with an visual aspect on the Disney series “The Famous Jett Jackson” ( 1998 ) followed by a pilot for MTV. After a few more movies, she hit it large after her visual aspect in the hits Mean Girls ( 2004 ) and The Notebook ( 2004 ) .

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Attended Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario.

Her male parent, Lance, is a truck driver and her female parent, Sandy, is a nurse. She has a younger sister, Kayleen McAdams, and a younger brother, Daniel.

Born in the same infirmary as The Notebook ( 2004 ) co-star Ryan Gosling in St. Joseph ‘s Hospital, London, Ontario.

In 1995, she received an moving award for her function in the one-act high school play “I Live in a Small Town” when it was presented at the esteemed Ontario Showcase at the Sears Drama Festival.

Studied theatre at York University in Toronto, where she appeared in legion phase and pupil movie productions. During her senior twelvemonth, she played a kid in “The Piper” , a workshop led by a originative squad from Toronto ‘s Necessary Angel Theatre Company.

Worked at a McDonald ‘s for three summers with her sister, Kayleen McAdams, and her brother, Dan McAdams.

Was told to partially pattern the character of Regina George after Alec Baldwin ‘s public presentation in Glengarry Glen Ross ( 1992 ) .

Received a record five MTV Movie Award nominations in a individual twelvemonth.

Graduated from York University in Toronto with awards & A ; a B.F.A. in theatre Once a vegetarian.

She donated many signed head-shots to Rocky Stone to be auctioned off to raise money to purchase more playthings for less fortunate childs as portion of the Toy Mountain Campaign.

Is of Irish descent.

Attended David Rothenberg ‘s on-camera moving category in Toronto with fellow histrions Scott Speedman, Kenneth Mitchell, Polly Shannon and David Sutcliffe.

In December 2005, she was # 1 on MuchMusic ‘s “Who To Make: 20 Sexiest Girls” list. This list is aired each twelvemonth, and there is besides a separate list for cats.

Named # 14 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

Met her fellow, Ryan Gosling, on the set of The Notebook ( 2004 ) .

Ranked # 17 on Maxim ‘s hot list 2006.

Considered for the function of Susan Storm/Invisible Girl in Fantastic Four ( 2005 ) .

Named # 51 in FHM magazine ‘s “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006” addendum. ( 2006 ) .

While a pupil at York University, she lived in the same “house” as Ron Sparks in Vanier Residence.

Had to turn down the female lead in The Last Kiss ( 2006 ) due to scheduling struggles. The function was finally given to Jacinda Barrett.

Was considered for the function of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale ( 2006 ) , before the function was given to Eva Green.

She was voted the # 101 on FHS ‘s list of Sexiest Women in the World ( 2005 ) .

Is a vegetarian once more.

Lifes in the popular Los Angeles vicinity of Silverlake. Other Silverlake locals include Beck, Bo Barrett, Christina Ricci, Jason

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Mini biography of rachel mcadams
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Lee and Ryan Gosling.

Older sister of Kayleen McAdams.

Split with Ryan Gosling. [ Mid-2007 ]

Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in movie history ( # 68 ) . [ 2007 ] .

Has a Canis familiaris named George, which she shared with Ryan Gosling.

Has of course blond hair.

She does n’t have a auto. As portion of her day-to-day part to assist conserve energy, she rides her motorcycle or takes the coach.

Co-founder of, a web site which helps raise consciousness about the environment.

Was Jon Favreau ‘s first pick to play Pepper Potts in Iron Man ( 2008 ) , but she turned the function down.

Likes shopping at Vintage vesture shops.

Auditioned for the function of Cady in Mean Girls ( 2004 ) , but the portion went to Lindsay Lohan alternatively.

Avoided winging aeroplanes until age 22.

Auditioned for the function of Sophie for the musical Mamma Mia! ( 2008 ) but lost out to actress Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried had lost out to McAdams antecedently for the function of Regina when they both co-starred in Mean Girls ( 2004 ) .

Reunited with former fiance Ryan Gosling ( August 2008 ) .

Has one time once more called it quits with former fiance Ryan Gosling [ November 2008 ] .

Her favorite actresses include: Joan Cusack, Juliette Lewis, Kate Winslet and Samantha Morton. She besides considers Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn to be her function theoretical accounts.

She would love to work with Daniel Day-Lewis, James Franco and Sam Rockwell.

She is allergic to Equus caballuss.

Learned to drive after a bike accident.

Learned to appreciate rugger from Russell Crowe.

Personal Quotation marks

Equally unusual as film devising is, making love scenes for the first clip with person you ‘ve ne’er even said hullo to does work in footings of holding a fresh quality to a relationship.

It takes a batch of clip, committedness and a pick. I ‘ve chosen this way, but it ‘s non to state I ‘m non unfastened to love or whatever comes my manner. You ne’er close doors.

The craziest thing I ‘ve of all time done to acquire a cat ‘s attending? I admit I stalked person. I showed up at a eating house where I knew the cat worked, and we were really good friends and had lost touch, and I pretended that I did n’t cognize he worked at that place. And so ran into him and, “Oh my God, you work here? I had no idea.” It ‘s the most manipulative thing I ‘ve done in my full life, but it all worked out really good, so I have no declinations.

Yeah. I still live in Canada, so it ‘s non rather the same. And when I ‘m in L.A. , I ‘m in a auto ; you do n’t hold the contact with the populace. It ‘s non so bad. It ‘s still reasonably much the same. I still experience reasonably normal-ish.

The most romantic thing, a lovely boy bought me a frock one time. He got my measurings, really they were from The Notebook ( 2004 ) and I had them sitting someplace, and he found them and bought me this frock, bespoke, this beautiful small black cocktail frock. And I thought that was really, really posh.

I want to seek a batch of things that I have n’t tried. You know, I did a thriller ( Red Eye ( 2005 ) ) after this, because it was so different and it was a genre I had n’t worked in yet. Then I did a beautiful household ensemble play. And following? I do n’t cognize. I might travel off to make a little independent in New York. I ‘m non certain. The quality of stuff is of import but, fundamentally, I ‘m unfastened to anything. I like to remain unfastened to anything.

A friend of mine had this great theory about the “Teletubbies” ( 1997 ) , that it ‘s fixing us for being mindless. And acquiring us ready for life in an belowground universe. When they build the belowground universe because we can no longer take a breath the air that it will look like Teletubbie land.

I do n’t cognize, I like to travel on truly different types of day of the months. Traveling someplace new or some new portion of the metropolis, something that ‘s non your mean thing. Something where you merely travel have an escapade together.

I guess you have to be truly unfastened to your moving spouses and believe in the narrative.

I have a certain wonder for life that drives me and impel me frontward.

I one time made a ( it was supposed to be a 30-minute ) bean salad that took me like 6 hours.

I want to work with great managers and seek non to set excessively much force per unit area on myself and merely read things for the narrative and acknowledge when I ‘m drawn to something for the right grounds and seek to keep some saneness.

I ‘ve discovered as I ‘ve grown up that life is far more complicated than you think it is when you ‘re a child. It is n’t merely a straight-forward fairy tale.

I ‘ve kind of heard that “it” girl thing, but non truly. Hearing it from a few people does n’t solidify it in my head and I would n’t cognize how to solidify that rubric. It ‘s so elusive and what does it intend, I do n’t cognize?

I ‘ll set on a hood stone T-shirt, a ’50s manner skirt, and a brace of flip-flops. I like to engage a whole clump of things together.

I ‘m a chump for those sweeping love narratives. When I read the book ( The Notebook ( 2004 ) ) , I could n’t halt shouting! I merely had such a powerful, instantaneous reaction – it was written so good.

I was non popular in high school, I know every actress says that, but truly, I was a large geek.

Paramount sent them nine-foot-high ( theater anteroom ) cutouts of me. They say, “You do n’t hold to come place, we ‘ve got you in every room of the house! ”

Most of the clip, people will merely go through me by, or if they do recognize, they ‘ll state something like, “My girlfriend said that was you, but I did n’t believe her.”

I did ( preparation in ) tennis, concert dance, swing dance, piano, art category and etiquette. I besides did Gallic idiom, but so it was blending me up with my Southern idiom, so we stuck to Southern!

I wanted to be a secretary, I love paper cartridge holders and stapling machines.

If I hurt person, if I were to by chance jab person ‘s oculus out, I would laugh. And so I ‘d state, ‘I ‘m regretful, I truly do experience bad, ‘ but so I ‘m on the floor peal.

Yeah. I still live in Canada, so it ‘s non rather the same. And when I ‘m in L.A. , I ‘m in a auto ; you do n’t hold the contact with the populace. It ‘s non so bad. It ‘s still reasonably much the same. I still experience reasonably normal-ish.

I ‘ve been really lucky so far. I have n’t had any bad experiences every bit far as fan brushs. They do n’t truly acknowledge me. I think it has to make with my hair. I change it all the clip. I like altering my hair colour and sometimes it ‘s merely non for a function. Normally, I merely do it for me.

I guess each relationship is different. That ‘s what I love about relationships. Even when they end, you ‘ve learned so really much, so much to take into your following relationship and to take into your life. It ‘s the greatest thing that comes out of an stoping – so it depends on the individual. – On what she learned about herself when her relationship with Ryan Gosling ended

I would love to hold childs someday ; I really ca n’t conceive of non holding them. My parents have been married for 36 old ages. They [ Lance, a mover, and Sandy, a nurse ] have a pretty honest, straightforward relationship that I hope to hold myself. – On holding her ain childs someday

You ne’er truly cognize the individual you ‘re kiping beside. You have a right to your secrets, but that ‘s really hard when you ‘re supposed to be person ‘s spouse. – On matrimony as a minefield of secrets, as suggested in Married Life

What about nakedness in movies? Nudity for fictional characters is as normal and everyday as eating breakfast. What bothers me is our civilization ‘s compulsion with nakedness. It should n’t be a large trade, but it is. I think this overemphasis with nakedness makes histrions nervous. There ‘s the concern about seeing one ‘s organic structure dissected, misrepresented, played and replayed on YouTube. – On nakedness in movies


Morning Glory ( 2010 ) $ 2,000,000
The Time Traveler ‘s Wife ( 2009 ) $ 4,000,000
Red Eye ( 2005 ) $ 1,000,000

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Mini biography of rachel mcadams
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