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T Analysis for Milo We are going to produce a SWOT analysis to find out how effective Milo is operating and what internal factors may influence its success. A SWOT analysis analyses the internal factors that may influence the success of a business. The initials SWOT stand for: S trengths W eaknesses O pportunities T hreats Here is a SWOT analysis on Milo: Strengths * Focusing only on chocolate energy drink. * Big sales in other countries. * It is available in different sizes, shapes and type. * Value for money. Promotion/advertising done in other countries. Weaknesses * Not enough diversity in flavours * Packaging (design of tin + labelling ) Opportunities * Increased media available (mobiles/internet) * Increased fitness industry * Increase awareness of health and fitness * Sponsorship (through sporting events) Threats * Competitors (hot chocolate, energy drinks) * Well known successful brands as competitors * Competitors could use aggressive marketing tactics cut prices/increase promotion * Competitors bring out similar products Competitors have diversity in packaging (bottles, pouches, cans, etc) Challenges Milo also has challenges in marketing the product to consumer. The challenges are in hot chocolate and energy drink. The challenger in hot chocolate is Vico. Vico chocolate drink also is the popular choice among to customer in Malaysia. Vico chocolate drink have more chocolate test than Milo and the price also cheaper than Milo. Vico is the substitution product for Milo. The energy drink, the challenges is come from Horlick.

Horlicks contain wide range of vitamins and minerals. This product gives energy to body to working or do something activities. Usually this drink will take in the breakfast. Horlicks are good in advertisement. For example, in Ramadhan , we need energy to fasting and they take this chance to promote their product that can gives energy to body in fasting. Improvement To improve the market, I think Milo have to do something in their flavour and advertisement. For flavour, make a research more about consumer behaviour in Malaysia.

Find a taste that customer really like. Do the experiment with 100 customers to find which flavour is good and what consumer wants in the market right now. Use celebrity can make good advertisement to release new product. The celebrity can attract customer to know about new product. Aggressive advertising in media can increase the market. Make new packaging that can attract customer to buy and rite in the ingredient about vitamin and energy that can gives to customer when they drink it.