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Since this is a website concerning the sell of pixels for a dollar and having the public buy and advertise their pages or business for only a dollar. According to the innovator, who thought of the idea to pay for his college degree achieved a sold out audience achieving one million dollars. The is trying to achieve the same goal but to use the funds generated to give 50% to the creator of the site and the other half to the Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society. Although, the intention for the purpose of the money is a great idea, the case arises in how to promote a new idea in informational technology.

First, the website should be clear on its goal and purpose for the site. Presently, the website lacks explanation and what the customer should see as the outcome. If the person does not go to the, than it is not aware of the end result. The site is sort of an advertising mall that you pick the box that can get you the product.

Marketing a website like this a bit of the problem because what is the gimmick to attack people to it. In order, for someone to want to buy a pixel it must have a business or be offering service in order to advertise. However, for this site good way to spread the word about the site is through search engines, spreading flyers to the public, and placing banners through sources like and sites that support the armed forces.

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Another way how the site can get promotion is through college students that are studying web design and marketing strategies to design links to the site from their pages to connect to yours. Also by offering that the site is a permenanted avenue for them to get hits to their website or corporate sites people are more likely to buy because it is something that will always generate customers.

The most important tool your website can do is provide information to those interested in purchasing a pixel and letting them know it is a great investment that will generate business relationships or contacts. In the long run, the customers generate more business and the creator and the corps get a winning result.


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