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Microsoft’s New Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Is Something Special

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Microsoft recently announced its brand new which is getting everyone's attention, and with it a whole new lineup of peripherals. However, the new  has caught our eye.

The warped looking ergonomic keyboard is the company's take on a more hand and wrist friendly typing experience. Connected via Bluetooth 4.0, the keyboard is broken up to delineate each hand's domain. Even the space bar is split down the middle to share it with each thumb. The keyboard is also designed to keep the user's hand at a more natural angle, thus reducing wrist strain.

Additionally, the keyboard also sports a palm rest made of Alcantara fabric giving it a suede-like feeling, and is stain resistant. The keyboard is optimized for the new Surface Studio, Surface Book and the but Microsoft claims it will work with any Bluetooth enabled Windows 10 PC.

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Microsoft’s New Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Is Something Special

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However, the keyboard does not ship with the Surface Studio, and is available to preorder for US$129.99 (about £110/AU$170).

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