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Michelangelo’s David

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Introduction: I. Michelangelo’s David A. First supporting information for the sub-topic 1. Description of Michelangelo’s masterpiece 2. Detail of the statue of David B. Renaissance Period 1. European civilization 2. The story of David II. Political Implications A. First supporting information for the sub-topic 1. The artist 2. influence of the ‘contrapposto’ style B. The symbol of Renaissance sculptures 1. "Great and Heroic" 2.

Michelangelo saw himself as a master III. Timeless Art A. Michelangelo's work of art 1. Florentine humanists 2. Medieval supernaturalism B. Predominant social philosophy 1. The practical measure of all things 2. The worship of beauty ? THESIS Michelangelo’s David, is the most timeless and famous work of art of the renaissance period. Not only was the outcome of the art work a masterpiece, but also the artist himself was one of the most influential people within that time period.

The work of Michelangelo influenced history. An entire civilization was affected by the creation and the symbolism of Michelangelo’s David. Michelangelo’s David Annotated Bibliography Keliner F. S, Gardner H. , ; Mamiya C. J. (1995) Gardner’s Art Through the Ages: This book presents a detailed depiction of the art work and events that surrounded Michelangelo’s statue of David. It includes a historical timeline that parallels the influence that works of art had in the renaissance era.

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It describes the artistic events that changed history in such a way that you can get the essence of what went on at the time. Also, in the text itself, it gives definitive explanations to what is happening at the time so that you can understand fully what the artist is saying or where he is coming from. Gill A. (2004) Il Gigante: Michelangelo, Florence, and the David 1492-1504: This book is a well-researched work of history, from a political and artistic point of view.

I find the author's technique of bringing the reader into Michelangelo's world very effective. The author demonstrates concretely how Renaissance politics and maneuvering affected Michelangelo on many levels. The history described in this story is very detailed and supports my thesis. Scigliano E. (2005) Michelangelo's Mountain: The Quest for Perfection in the Marble Quarries of Carrara: This book contains the story of Michelangelo's search for the stone he wanted, his continuing relationship with the city where he found it, and that city today.

Only recently the seventeen foot tall statue of David was restored, and the world was reminded of all its beauty. The author reminds us of the risks taken by quarrymen and by Michelangelo himself as they worked together to find the perfect stone, one that would do justice to Michelangelo's vision. Wallace W. E. (1998) Michelangelo: The Complete Sculpture, Painting, Architecture: This book includes very detailed pictures accompanied comments and/or information about Michelangelo’s David.

This five volume series reproduces about 100 articles and close to one hundred photographs in each volume. CONCLUSION Michelangelo’s David was not just a carved sculpture of a great man. Michelangelo's David embodied the very meaning of the word renaissance. The statue of David was the reason for the fame and fortune that followed this great artist. The influence of this particular piece of Michelangelo is so great that there have been many a replicas of the original installed all over the world.

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